Translation for 'pull over' from English to Bulgarian
NOUN   a pull-over | pull-overs
to pull over {verb}отбивам в страни
Partial Matches
to pull {verb}тегля [несв.]
to pull {verb}дърпам
unverified to pull in [arrive] {verb}пристигам [несв.]
to pull in [stop] {verb}
спирам [несв.] [за автомобил]
unverified to pull up [of a vehicle] {verb}спирам [несв.]
over {prep}над
to stay over {verb}оставам да пренощувам
game overиграта свърши
to flip over {verb}обръщам (се)
over there {adv}ей там
over here {adv}насам
over there {adv}натам
over here {adv}ей тук
over here {adv}отсам
over-whelmingly {adv}(почти) изцяло
unverified to tip over {verb} преобръщам (се) [катурвам (се)] [несв.]
(change-over) switch {noun}
превключвател {м}
over the telephone {adv}по телефона
over the phone {adv}по телефона
to roll over [car] {verb}обръщам (се) [кола]
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Usage Examples English
  • kilograms (and its gravitational pull over a third body would be accordingly stronger).
  • Prior to the murders, others testified that Frank and Lacaze would pull over and rob motorists while in a squad car.
  • To date, this is the last time either team has appeared in the World Series. This was also the final World Series to feature a team that wore pull over jerseys (Cincinnati).
  • Convoys were started so that multiple trucks could run together at a high speed with the rationale being that if they passed a speed trap the police would only be able to pull over one of the trucks in the convoy.
  • Drivers have been warned to take care during the lupin season, as many visitors to the area slow down or pull over to admire the lupins along State Highway 8, but this may be unsafe and create the potential for accidents.

  • Such tunics are often found depicted on the various Roman monuments depicting victories over these peoples, and show the tunic as a simple pull-over construction reaching to the mid-thighs or to the knees.
  • However, this badge replaced the Distinctive Unit Insignia on the black pull-over sweater when worn by Army medical recruiters.
  • After requiring them to pull over, the police officers then conducted a search of the vehicle.
  • "Le Pull-over Rouge" (1979) was a chronicle of what he presents as a miscarriage of justice.
  • Rachel then suddenly asks the driver to pull over: she walks to a bunch of balloons attached to a fence, takes a purple one, and slowly lets go of it, watching it rise toward the sky.

  • They pull over and have a small argument in an abandoned junkyard, and when Sam asks Paula if she really want to go through with the marriage and she convinces him she does, they embrace and continue on.
  • These slide-on epaulets are also worn on the cardigan and pull-over uniform sweaters.
  • As a result, some motorists are unable to fully exit the mainline when they need to pull over, so they end up in a position that is halfway in the rightmost lane and only partly on the shoulder.
  • Australian police utilise random breath testing stations, and any police vehicle can pull over any vehicle at any time to conduct a random breath or drug test.
  • , but is generally not enforceable as there is nowhere for police to pull over speeders because of the absence of shoulders.

  • Most "Hikari" trains pull over at intermediate stations such as Shizuoka, Hamamatsu, Toyohashi, Maibara or Himeji to allow faster "Nozomi" services, to pass through without stopping.
  • Areas with sheer cliffs would be most hazardous, with only few places for drivers to pull over to allow others to proceed in the opposite direction; for £5, any "public-spirited citizen" could request that a crossover be cut into the road.
  • These huskies were later able to pull [...] over [...] in three and a half hours.
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