Translation for 'pummel' from English to Bulgarian
VERB   to pummel | Commonwealth pummelled, US pummeled | Commonwealth pummelled, US pummeled
Commonwealth pummelling, US pummeling | pummels
SYNO to biff | to pommel | to pummel
to pummel sb. {verb} бъхтя нкг. [несв.] [разг.] [с юмруци]
to pummel sb./sth. {verb}бия нкг./нщ. [несв.] [с юмруци]
to pummel sb./sth. {verb} удрям нкг./нщ. [несв.] [с юмруци]
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Usage Examples English
  • That fracas, which came after the final buzzer, saw Hextall pummel Devils goaltender Alain Chevrier among several other battles.
  • He continued to pummel the ball in 2004, hitting .297/~.422/.480 with 7 HR for the Yucatan Lions and Monclova Steelers. He again appeared for the Dutch Olympic squad that year.
  • The Jets hosted the Dolphins on "Monday Night Football" and rebounded from their first loss of the year to pummel Miami 41–14.
  • Not one to hide behind gadgetry however, Badrock often uses the incredible power of his fists to pummel opponents into submission.
  • Rocky decides to watch Donnie and Viktor's match, where he watches Viktor pummel Donnie repeatedly.

  • These had a distinct role from ordinary heavy cavalry and were primarily used as an elite assault force, to pummel infantry formations into submission, or even acted in a dual-purpose role as horse archers and cataphracts.
  • Allgame editor Geoffrey Douglas Smith praised Splatterhouse 3, stating that the game "stands at the top of the beat-'em-up heap on Genesis" and "a fun and gory ride with plenty of enemies to pummel and a solid game engine (making the game) a blast to play".
  • As soon as the bell rang, Williams rushed towards Hall, landing a powerful left hook and continued to pummel him until he dropped Hall.
  • Earth Corps forms a reluctant alliance with Nightcrawler to combat the threat of Sslither and rescue Masterson's group just as Metlar arrives to pummel his hated ancient foe, who slithers away in defeat.
  • The game features typical hand to hand combat fighting: using a variety of punches, kicks, locks, and throws, players attempt to pummel their opponents into submission.

  • The Roman Empire loses its strength in Britain as invading Saxons pummel the Great Wall north of Roman settlements to where Regina and her grandfather Aetius relocated.
  • Although these storms pummel the area with heavy rains and high winds, they tend to be short-lived, clearing after about an hour.
  • Benson said that watching her fragile, winged character pummel Murray was "strangely satisfying", although the joke eventually wore out.
  • The so-called "pummel test" inter alia is used to control the quality of composite glass.
  • On a wrestling mat, two women change magically out of wrestling outfits into street clothes, and then change into male wrestlers, who pummel each other exaggeratedly.

  • Capon as well, Manfred tries to pummel him, but is stopped by Mr.
  • Philippines has seen the annual typhoon related occurrences, which often pummel into Indochina.
  • Sometimes a monster, such as a Crittle Bear or Domovoi, will appear as a result of chopping a tree and the player can either ignore the monster or pummel it with a shovel to scare it away.
  • came alongside to take off the wounded as American gunfire continued to pummel "Reina Cristina" and inflict casualties; among them was "Reina Cristina" [...] s commanding officer, Captain Luis Cadarso y Rey, who refused to abandon ship until all his men were off before him and who was killed by an American shell while overseeing the abandonment of his cruiser.
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