Translation for 'punch' from English to Bulgarian
NOUN1   punch | -
NOUN2   a punch | punches
VERB   to punch | punched | punched
punching | punches
SYNO biff | clout | lick | ...
punch {noun}
пунш {м}
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Translation for 'punch' from English to Bulgarian

punch {noun}
пунш {м}гастр.
Usage Examples English
  • Before pinking scissors were invented, a pinking punch or pinking iron was used to punch out a decorative hem on a garment.
  • Fish house punch is a strong, rum-based punch containing rum, cognac, and peach brandy. The drink is typically served over an ice block in a punch bowl and garnished with lemon slices.
  • PUNCH(3) sends output to the teleprinter rather than the tape punch.
  • Based on Taigyoku Shodan with simple punch/kick and kick/punch combinations replacing some single technique counts.
  • Punch was introduced in Great Britain in the seventeenth century by an Italian performer named Pietro Gimonde.

  • An illegal punch to the back of the head or neck is known as a rabbit punch.
  • A straight punch executed from a front stance (zenkutsu-dachi) is called "gyaku-tsuki" (逆突き, reverse punch) if the advanced leg and fist are on opposite sides, or "oi-tsuki" (追い突き, forward punch or lunge punch) if the leg and fist are on the same side.
  • A bolo punch is a punch used in martial arts. The bolo punch is not among the traditional boxing punches (jab, uppercut, hook and cross).
  • The player uses the joystick to move around the ring, as well as three buttons: face punch, body punch, and block punch.
  • While the Bull punch was used with the UNIVAC Solid State 80 for 80 column cards the UNIVAC Solid State 90 used the Univac manufactured "Tower Punch" for 90 column cards.

  • Stage 3: Top punch is driven into the die by upper cam. Bottom punch is raised by lower cam. Both punch heads pass between heavy rollers to compress the powder.
  • The punch is attached to a mechanical or hydraulic press.
  • If used as a punch, the tool itself consists of a punch and a matching die, into which it very closely fits.
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