Translation for 'purple' from English to Bulgarian
ADJ   purple | more purple | most purple
NOUN   a purple | purples
VERB   to purple | purpled | purpled
purpling | purples
SYNO empurpled | imperial | majestic | ...
purple {adj}морав
purple {adj}пурпурен
purple {adj}виолетов
purple {noun}пурпур {м}
purple heron {noun} [Ardea purpurea]
червена чапла {ж}
purple martin {noun} [Progne subis]
пурпурна лястовица {ж}
purple sandpiper {noun} [Calidris maritima]
морски брегобегач {м}
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Usage Examples English
  • "The Purple Smurfs": A purple fly bites Lazy and he turns purple, causing him to say "GNAP GNAP!" and bite the other Smurfs, turning them into nasty, evil, angry purple smurfs as well.
  • Osmin purple basil is a cultivar of "Ocimum basilicum" (sweet basil) with dark purple leaves.
  • The fraternity's flower is the purple iris. Its colors are gold, royal purple, and white.
  • The species is named for its purple fins, as "blatteus" is Latin for the color purple.
  • Gamochaeta purpurea, the purple cudweed, purple everlasting, or spoonleaf purple everlasting, is a plant native to North America.

  • A similar dye, "Tyrian purple", which is purple-red in color, was made from a related species of marine snail, "Murex brandaris".
  • Purple navy is a color that has been used by some navies.
  • Purple is the official color for World Prematurity Day. Observers of World Prematurity Day may wear your purple ribbon pin or use a purple lightbulb.
  • Purple yam is commonly confused with purple/violet varieties of sweet potatoes because of their similarities in color, taste, and culinary uses.
  • The inflorescence is a raceme of mustardlike flowers. Each flower has purple sepals and four centimeter-long white or pale purple petals with purple veining.

  • It is the major anthocyanin in purple corn ("Zea mays"). Purple corn is approved in Japan and listed in the "Existing Food Additive List" as "purple corn color".
  • The flowers have dark purple sepals and lighter purple petals.
  • The knife-shaped pods are normally green; however, there are very rare varieties bred by amateurs that have very unusual purple pods.
  • Inflorescences are widely spaced 2-flowered verticillasters in terminal and axillary racemes, with a [...] blue-purple or purple corolla.
  • The scented flowers, are [...] in diameter, they come in shades of purple,--> to lilac-purple,--> to pale purple.

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