Translation for 'quick' from English to Bulgarian
ADJ   quick | quicker | quickest
NOUN   quick | quicks
SYNO agile | fast | flying | ...
quick {adj}бърз
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Translation for 'quick' from English to Bulgarian

quick {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • On land, quick-firing field guns were first adopted by the French Army, starting in 1897 with the Canon de 75 modèle 1897 which proved to be extremely successful.
  • The four movements follow the what was by then archaic Sonata da chiesa pattern: slow-quick-slow (minuet)-quick.
  • It had two 150mm L/45 quick firing guns, eight 120mm L/45 quick firing guns, six 47mm L/50 quick firing guns, six 37mm quick firing guns, and two 457mm torpedo tubes.
  • "Quick Open" allows quick navigation between files.
  • Elections in Indonesia prominently feature quick count procedures, and they are considered more credible than projections by exit polls, or surveys.

  • Basic two-step consists of two quick steps, followed by two slow steps (or alternately, two slow steps followed by two quick steps).
  • Rhythm varies, e.g., it is "1-2-3,4-5-6" in Waltz and "slow quick quick, slow quick quick" in Rumba.
  • A special "quick" encoding with a 4-bit unsigned operand was provided for add, subtract, load (move quick to register), and not (move complement of quick to register).
  • ... born 13 October 1957) is an Italian quick-change artist considered the best quick change performer in the world.
  • The attached diagram shows the point at which Ponanza (Black) adopted a Quick-Attack Feint (亜急戦, "akyūsen") Cozy castle strategy against a Fourth File Rook (by software NineDayFever, playing White) in the finals of the World Computer Shogi Championship.

  • Rhythm varies. For example, it is "1-2-3, 4-5-6" in waltz and "slow quick quick, slow quick quick" in rumba.
  • A kiss-me-quick hat is a British seaside novelty hat, typically bearing the words "Kiss me quick" or "Kiss me quick, squeeze me slow".
  • It was portable, reusable and quick to assemble and dismantle. Its quick erection made it possible to conduct surveying rapidly.
  • The French overture should not be confused with the Italian overture, a three-part quick-slow-quick structure.
  • The little nightjar's song is "a rattling, clacking, flat, unbirdlike sound in [...] pattern of "hurr-ee quick quick quick quick quick quick".

  • Passo basico ("Basic step"), sometimes called Quadrado ("square") or Quadradinho ("little square"), is a simple beginner's step with rhythm "quick-quick-slow, quick-quick-slow" over a 4 beat measure (1&2, 3&4).
  • The Royal Navy first introduced the quick-firing 4.7-inch gun in HMS "Sharpshooter" in 1889, and the quick-firing 6-inch MK 1 in [...] , launched 1891.
  • Quick change magic is the use of magic which is combined with the very quick changing of costumes. Famous quick-change artists include Sos & Victoria Petrosyan.
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