Translation for 'reflection' from English to Bulgarian
NOUN   a reflection | reflections
SYNO contemplation | expression | manifestation | ...
reflection {noun}отражение {ср}
reflection {noun}
рефлексия {ж}
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Translation for 'reflection' from English to Bulgarian

reflection {noun}
отражение {ср}

рефлексия {ж}псих.физ.
Usage Examples English
  • An irregular reflection is much like the case described above, with the caveat that δ is larger than the maximum allowable turning angle.
  • Additionally, to write more complex tactics, Agda has support for automation via reflection.
  • Light interaction is often approximated by the even simpler models: diffuse reflection and specular reflection, although both can ALSO be BRDFs.
  • Specular reflection from a body of water is calculated by the Fresnel equations.
  • Lambertian reflection from polished surfaces are typically accompanied by specular reflection (gloss), where the surface luminance is highest when the observer is situated at the perfect reflection direction (i.e.

  • Specular reflection, or regular reflection, is the mirror-like reflection of waves, such as light, from a surface.
  • A mirror provides the most common model for specular light reflection, and typically consists of a glass sheet with a metallic coating where the significant reflection occurs.
  • Priests are usually approved to serve His reflection in a hầu bóng (serving the reflection) ceremony.
  • As a result of this inability to propagate, normally incident reststrahlen band radiation experiences strong-reflection or total-reflection from that medium.
  • Reflection can be implemented for languages without built-in reflection by using a program transformation system to define automated source-code changes.

  • The abstract group of a reflection group is a Coxeter group, while conversely a reflection group can be seen as a linear representation of a Coxeter group.
  • The reflection coefficient can be calculated using: [...] , where [...] (Gamma) is the reflection coefficient (0 denotes full transmission, 1 full reflection, and 0.5 is a reflection of half the incoming voltage), [...] and [...] are the impedance of the first component (from which the wave enters) and the second component, respectively.
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