Translation for 'scaffold' from English to Bulgarian
NOUN   a scaffold | scaffolds
scaffold {noun}
строително скеле {ср}
scaffold {noun} [for executions]
ешафод {м}
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Translation for 'scaffold' from English to Bulgarian

scaffold {noun}
строително скеле {ср}стр.
scaffold {noun} [for executions]
ешафод {м}ист.
Usage Examples English
  • Mitogen-activated protein kinase scaffold protein 1 is a scaffold protein that in humans is encoded by the "MAPKSP1" gene.
  • Spacing is the same on a putlog scaffold as on a general purpose scaffold, and ties are still required.
  • Tube and clamp scaffold (commonly called tube and coupler scaffold) is a versatile type of scaffold consisting of steel tubes and clamps.
  • Unlike other scaffold materials, the resorbable SIS extracellular matrix (SIS-ECM) scaffold is replaced by well-organized host tissues, including differentiated skeletal muscle.
  • A protein called rapsyn is then recruited to the primary MuSK scaffold, to induce the additional clustering of acetylcholine receptors (AChR).

  • Under appropriate conditions, a carefully crafted 3-dimensional scaffold is used to direct cell seeds toward artificial organ growth.
  • In an in silico study, researchers from the university hospital Charité in Berlin investigated the potential of gyroid architecture when used as a scaffold in a large bone defect in a rat femur.
  • The main event was a scaffold match between Tommy Dreamer and Brian Lee.
  • Further developments were made by Burton G in 2007 to optimize the acyl pyrrolidine scaffold to achieve replicon activity.
  • According to tradition, Red Scaffold Creek was named from an incident when two homicide victims were laid at the creek on a red scaffold.

  • The temporary access scaffold required to complete the works had to consider the ancient monument status of the bridge so could not be tied into the structure.
  • In general, the platforms can be classified in two types of 3D culturing methods: scaffold techniques and scaffold-free techniques.
  • This is an IgG1-based heterodimeric antibody scaffold that consists of two different heavy chains engineered to exclusively assemble into a single molecule, allowing bi-specific binding to two different antigens or drug targets.
  • On appeal, the court affirmed as to the employer and reversed as to the scaffold-builder.
  • Contemporary news reports indicate Mahon walked stoically to the scaffold without uttering a word.

  • The original Affibody protein scaffold was designed based on the Z domain (the immunoglobulin G binding domain) of protein A.
  • The usual method of scaffold construction has the base of the scaffold built on the ground, with the top being built higher to keep up with the height of the tower.
  • Nano-scaffolding (or nanoscaffolding) is a medical process used to regrow tissue and bone, including limbs and organs.
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