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NOUN   a seal shark | seal sharks
seal shark {noun} [Dalatias licha]
черна акула {ж}
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Translation for 'seal shark' from English to Bulgarian

seal shark {noun} [Dalatias licha]
черна акула {ж}ихтиол.T
Usage Examples English
  • "E. magnificus" is predated on by the South African fur seal ("Arctocephalus pusillus pusillus") and the leafscale gulper shark ("Centrophorus squamosus").
  • Its natural predators include: Short-tail stingray, Diamond ray, Spotted ragged-tooth shark, Cape fur seal, cat shark and numerous species of fish and birds.
  • He also momentarily mistakes a seal for a shark. Nevertheless, they both have a great time on the trip.
  • Robertson traded in salted fish, stockfish, shark fishing and seal hunting.
  • Many seals are caught in fishery nets and boat propellers, but the seals are also regularly accused of stealing fish from the fisheries. Sharks are known to prey on them, but in 2012 a cape fur seal was observed preying on and consuming a mid-sized blue shark.
  • He has won BAFTA awards for his camera work on "Life in the Freezer" and "Planet Earth", for which he filmed a celebrated slow-motion sequence of a great white shark leaping out of the water to catch a Cape fur seal.
  • The brown fur seal's main predator is the great white shark, although they are also preyed upon by various other animals, such as killer whales and vagrant southern elephant seals.
  • They flew the Blackburn Ripon, the Blackburn Baffin and the Fairey Swordfish torpedo bombers as well as the Fairey IIIF, the Fairey Seal and the Blackburn Shark reconnaissance aircraft.
  • They commonly flew the same types of aircraft as "Furious", although they are also known to have flown the Fairey Seal, the Blackburn Shark, and the Blackburn Ripon.
  • In 2013, the ten-hour mini-series "The Bible" received the Parents Television Council 2013 Seal of Approval. "Shark Tank", "The Voice", and "Survivor" were all nominated for Critics Choice Awards, at which the Voice won for Best Reality Series – Competition.
  • The main targeted species were Balearic shearwater ("Puffinus mauretanicus") and basking shark, along with the ocean sunfish (or common mola).
  • As sea lions were still being hunted as a source of shark bait post 1945, the Field Naturalists section of the Royal Society of South Australia wrote to the South Australian Museum in 1953 requesting that sea lions be given protection along the southern coast of Kangaroo Island.
  • The seals are occasionally preyed upon by the various shark species that inhabit the waters nearby.
  • Off California, sharks immobilize northern elephant seals ("Mirounga angustirostris") with a large bite to the hindquarters (which is the main source of the seal's mobility) and wait for the seal to bleed to death.
  • In early summer 2014, a young male beluga whale was sighted in the lower Taunton River, and in late August 2014, a basking shark was also spotted in the lower Taunton.
  • David Martin, 66 years old, suffered a fatal injury from an extremely rare great white shark bite while swimming with a group approximately [...] off shore near Solana Beach's Fletcher Cove.
  • Fisheries often use large-scale nets that are indiscriminate and catch whatever comes along; sea turtle, dolphin, or shark.
  • The presence of the seals has also brought their main predators back to the waters off Plum Island: sharks.
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