Translation for 'sequence' from English to Bulgarian
NOUN1   a sequence | sequences
NOUN2   sequence | -
VERB   to sequence | sequenced | sequenced
sequencing | sequences
SYNO chronological sequence | chronological succession | episode | ...
sequence {noun}
секвенция {ж}
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Translation for 'sequence' from English to Bulgarian

sequence {noun}
секвенция {ж}муз.
Usage Examples English
  • In mathematics, five-term exact sequence or exact sequence of low-degree terms is a sequence of terms related to the first step of a spectral sequence.
  • The other three internal sequences of note are the Procreation sequence (1-17), the Rival Poet sequence (78-86) and the Dark Lady sequence (127-154).
  • Sequence learning problems are used to better understand the different types of sequence learning.
  • To put the above in words: An empty sequence or a sequence of one element or a sequence of two elements or a sequence of three elements, etc.
  • In mathematics, a Sturmian word (Sturmian sequence or billiard sequence), named after Jacques Charles François Sturm, is a certain kind of infinitely long sequence of characters.

  • The most commonly known sequence is the King Wen sequence.
  • FASTA takes a given nucleotide or amino acid sequence and searches a corresponding sequence database by using local sequence alignment to find matches of similar database sequences.
  • Sequence-defined polymer (Syn. sequence-specific polymer, sequence-ordered polymer) is a uniform macromolecule with an exact chain-length and a perfectly defined sequence of monomers.
  • In mathematics and theoretical computer science, a constant-recursive sequence is an infinite sequence of numbers where each number in the sequence is equal to a fixed linear combination of one or more of its immediate predecessors.
  • The limit "w" of the sequence "w'n" is a paperfolding sequence. The regular paperfolding sequence corresponds to the folding sequence "f'i" = 1 for all "i".

  • If [...] consists of only two open sets, then this spectral sequence degenerates to the Mayer–Vietoris sequence. See Spectral sequence#Long exact sequences.
  • Using Dyck words, start with a sequence from [...]. Let [...] be the first [...] that brings an initial subsequence to equality, and configure the sequence as [...]. The new sequence is [...].
  • Given a short exact sequence of [...] -vector spaces [...] , we can induce an exact sequence [...] by right exactness of tensor product.
  • When [...] , this sequence is called [...] -Fibonacci sequence, for example, Pell sequence is also called 2-Fibonacci sequence.
  • Given a choice sequence [...] , any finite sequence of elements [...] of this sequence is called an "initial segment" of this choice sequence.

  • A sorted sequence is a monotonically non-decreasing (or non-increasing) sequence. A "bitonic" sequence is a sequence with [...] for some [...] , or a circular shift of such a sequence.
  • Every entry in the original sequence [...] appears in this new sequence whose partial sums converge to [...].
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