Translation for 'symmetry' from English to Bulgarian
NOUN   a symmetry | symmetries
SYNO balance | correspondence | isotropy | ...
symmetry {noun}симетрия {ж}
axial symmetry {noun}
осева симетрия {ж}
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Translation for 'symmetry' from English to Bulgarian

symmetry {noun}
симетрия {ж}

axial symmetry {noun}
осева симетрия {ж}мат.
Usage Examples English
  • ] symmetry is a global symmetry, but it can also be gauged to create a local or gauge symmetry: see below scalar QED.
  • Possible symmetries are mirror symmetry, 2-, 3-, and 6-fold rotational symmetry, and each combined with mirror symmetry.
  • There are four involutional groups: no symmetry (C1), reflection symmetry (Cs), 2-fold rotational symmetry (C2), and central point symmetry (Ci).
  • The types of symmetry considered in basic geometry include reflectional symmetry, rotation symmetry, translational symmetry and glide reflection symmetry, which are described more fully in the main article Symmetry (geometry).
  • This approximate symmetry is called "flavour symmetry", or more specifically "flavour SU(3) symmetry".

  • Each subgroup symmetry allows one or more degrees of freedom for irregular quadrilaterals.
  • In 4-dimensional geometry, there are 7 uniform 4-polytopes with reflections of D4 symmetry, all are shared with higher symmetry constructions in the B4 or F4 symmetry families.
  • In (*∞44) symmetry this tiling has 3 colors. Bisecting the isosceles triangle domains can double the symmetry to *∞42 symmetry.
  • The symmetry can be doubled to 842 symmetry by adding a bisecting mirror across the fundamental domains. The symmetry can be extended by 6, as 832 symmetry, by 3 bisecting mirrors per domain.
  • Combining the CP symmetry with simultaneous time reversal (T) produces a combined symmetry called CPT symmetry.

  • Topologically, under its highest symmetry, [...] +, the 10 icosahedra have "T" (chiral tetrahedral) symmetry, while the 20 octahedra have "D3" symmetry and the 60 tetrahedra have "C2" symmetry.
  • There are 3 different symmetry constructions, all with 3-3 duopyramid vertex figures. The [...] symmetry doubles on [...] in three possible ways, while [...] contains the highest symmetry.
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