Translation for 'tense' from English to Bulgarian
ADJ   tense | tenser / more tense | tensest / most tense
NOUN   a tense | tenses
VERB   to tense | tensed | tensed
tensing | tenses
SYNO to strain | to tense | to tense up
tense {noun}
време {ср} [граматическо]
past tense {noun}
минало време {ср}
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Usage Examples English
  • The present tense is a grammatical tense.
  • Several tense markers occupy this position, dependent upon whether the verb in question is stative or dynamic.
  • Cypriot Turkish uses the aorist tense instead of the present continuous tense, and very often in place of the future tense as well.
  • The present tense, far past tense, near future tense, far future tense, subjunctive and infinitive are derived from the imperative.
  • Bengali has four simple tenses: the present tense, the past tense, the conditional or habitual past tense, and the future tense.

  • Sharvit is known for her work on tense, including embedded tense, or bound tense and tense in free indirect discourse and cross-linguistic typologies of tense.
  • For Experience and State class VPs, the past complete tense is marked by the tense marker /te/, whereas the null tense marker is understood as the present progressive tense.
  • The Near Past tense uses the same verb-stem as the Perfect tense but with the tense marker -"á"-. The subject prefixes change to "yá-" 'he' and "báá-" 'they'. The final vowel once again is -ê".
  • In addition the subject indexing particle can take tense prefixes and tense or mood suffixes.
  • Tense in Settla is heavily reduced to only 3 forms (Standard has 11).

  • Unlike the past-tense augment, this reduplication or perfect-tense augment is found in every part of the perfect tense, including the infinitive and participles.
  • A nonpresent tense (abbreviated [...]) is a grammatical tense that distinguishes a verbal action as taking place in times past or future, as opposed to present tense.
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