Translation for 'that is' from English to Bulgarian
that is <id est, i.e.>тоест <т.е.>
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All that glitters is not gold.
Не всичко, което блести, е злато.
That is none of your business.Това не е твоя работа.
Partial Matches
that {pron}онзи
that {conj}че
that {pron}това
unverified that {adv} [so]толкова [до такава степен]
Besides that ...Освен че ...
before that {adv}преди това
before that {adv}дотогава
That's something.Това все пак е нещо.
with that saidимайки предвид това
unverified to take it that... {verb} приемам (предполагам), че... [несв.]
That's it!Достатъчно
unverified to make believe (that{verb}представям си (че)
unverified for all that... {adv}въпреки, че...
That's my boy!Браво, момчето ми!
Been there, done that. Минавал съм вече по този път. [прен.]
Little did I know that ...Изобщо не подозирах, че ...
On the off chance that ... За малко вероятния случай, че ...
unverified I'm not buying that. [idiom]Не ти вярвам.
I'm sorry, I didn't get / catch that.Извинявайте, не разбрах.
I'm sorry, I didn't get / catch that. Извинявайте, не можах да разбера.
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  • Lithium fluoride (LiF) is the only alkali halide that is not soluble in water, and lithium hydroxide (LiOH) is the only alkali metal hydroxide that is not deliquescent.
  • ANSI also designates specific standards as American National Standards, or ANS, when the Institute determines that the standards were developed in an environment that is equitable, accessible and responsive to the requirements of various stakeholders.
  • In fact, polystyrene functionalized into polystyrene sulfonate is a solid strongly acidic plastic that is filterable.
  • "Assistive technology" is something that is used to help disabled people, while "adaptive technology" covers items that are specifically designed for disabled people and would seldom be used by a non-disabled person.

  • An appeal "as of right" is one that is guaranteed by statute or some underlying constitutional or legal principle.
  • The melting points of the alkanes follow a similar trend to boiling points for the same reason as outlined above. That is, (all other things being equal) the larger the molecule the higher the melting point.
  • That is, we envision an additive model that says every data point can be represented by summing three quantities: the true mean, averaged over all factor levels being investigated, plus an incremental component associated with the particular column (factor level), plus a final component associated with everything else affecting that specific data value.
  • Seafood is one of the few food items that is often cheaper within the state than outside it.
  • If the arithmetic mean of a population of numbers is desired, then the estimate of it that is unbiased is the arithmetic mean of a sample drawn from the population.

  • Each of the families that is written in boldface type below is accepted as a valid clade.
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