Translation for 'thin' from English to Bulgarian
ADJ   thin | thinner | thinnest
VERB   to thin | thinned | thinned
thinning | thins
SYNO flimsy | fragile | lean | ...
thin {adj}тънък
thin {adj}слаб [тънък]
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Translation for 'thin' from English to Bulgarian

thin {adj}

слаб [тънък]
Usage Examples English
  • Thin films are thin material layers ranging from fractions of a nanometer to several micrometers in thickness.
  • Furthermore, PNIPA-based thin films can be applied as nano-switches featuring multiple distinct thin-film states, which is based on the cononsolvency effect.
  • A Thin Place, a short story collection was published in 2006, and takes readers through the thin veil of reality where it becomes surreal.
  • While most techniques focus on increases in lateral resolution there are also some techniques which aim to allow analysis of extremely thin samples.
  • Thin and thick libertarianism are two kinds of libertarianism.

  • Thin set can also refer to thin set mortar.
  • Lineo was a thin client and embedded systems company spun out of Caldera Thin Clients by 20 July 1999.
  • The phenomenon of Newton's rings is explained on the same basis as thin-film interference, including effects such as "rainbows" seen in thin films of oil on water or in soap bubbles.
  • Thin film solar cells are commercially used in several technologies.
  • A "thin client" is a minimal sort of client. Thin "clients" use the resources of the host computer.

  • The Sanyo HIT (Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer) solar cell is composed of a mono thin crystalline silicon wafer surrounded by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers.
  • The body wall is composed of epidermis, dermis, thin cuticle, and a thin coelomic myoepithelial layer.
  • In form of a thin film ZnO has been demonstrated in miniaturised high frequency thin film resonators, sensors and filters.
  • Tachinidae.jpg|The thin-film interference that can be seen on many insect wings is due to thin-film optics.
  • Thinvent is a company creating Linux based firmware for thin clients.

  • The shell is very thin, scarcely exceeding 0.5 mm in thickness and composed of thin, glossy lamellas, which are not perforated by any parasite.
  • There are two approaches to experimentally determine the thermal conductivity of thin films.
  • The margin of the aperture is thin and sharp; posteriorly with a narrow, thin, concave lamina, its right edge bent down and free, forming a thin and sharp-edged vertical lamella.
  • The Philco micro-alloy diffused transistor had a mechanical weakness that ultimately limited their speed; the thin diffused base layer would break if made too thin, but to get high speed it needed to be as thin as possible.
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