Translation for 'to drive' from English to Bulgarian
VERB   to drive | drove | driven
driving | drives
SYNO campaign | cause | crusade | ...
to drive {verb}карам
test drive {noun}
пробно шофиране {ср}
solid-state drive {noun}
полупроводниково запомнящо устройство {ср}
USB flash drive {noun}
USB памет {ж}
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Usage Examples English
  • The early manuals included instructions for how to build a circuit with only four commonly available components (one transistor and three resistors) and a software routine to drive a common Teletype Model 33 machine.
  • He makes his way to the temple of Apollo and begs Apollo to drive the Furies away.
  • Clock mechanisms are also used to drive devices such as solar trackers and astronomical telescopes, which have to turn at accurately controlled speeds to counteract the rotation of the Earth.
  • Cicero's plan to drive out Antony failed. Antony and Octavian reconciled and allied with Lepidus to form the Second Triumvirate after the successive battles of Forum Gallorum and Mutina.
  • In this case, the convergence signal is used to drive the deflection coils.

  • A small region of the rostral dorsolateral pontine tegmentum in the brainstem was suggested to drive consciousness through functional connectivity with two cortical regions, the left ventral anterior insular cortex, and the pregenual anterior cingulate cortex.
  • Bonaparte sought to invade Egypt as the first step in a campaign against British India, as part of a greater effort to drive Britain out of the French Revolutionary Wars.
  • The fastest industrial braille embosser is probably the $92,000 Belgian-made NV Interpoint 55, first produced in 1991, which uses a separate air compressor to drive the embossing head and can output up to 800 braille characters per second.
  • On the day before New Year, large and colourful sculptures of "Ogoh-ogoh" monsters are paraded and burned in the evening to drive away evil spirits.
  • Some companies such as Topdeck Travel were set up specifically to use buses to drive the hippie trail or travel to places such as North Africa.

  • Many kinds of power plant have been used to drive propellers.
  • In the game of balkline, the players have to drive at least one object ball past a balkline parallel to each rail after a specified number of points have been scored.
  • At the Hornberg Basin topographical conditions allow an average head of water of 625 m to drive the turbines before it flows into the Wehra Reservoir.
  • He used the Spartan army to drive out Aegisthus and Thyestes from Mycenae and place Agamemnon on the throne.
  • Several ATM link protocols use the HEC field to drive a CRC-based framing algorithm, which allows locating the ATM cells with no overhead beyond what is otherwise needed for header protection.

  • So the FM sound carrier is then demodulated, amplified, and used to drive a loudspeaker. Until the advent of the NICAM and MTS systems, television sound transmissions were monophonic.
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