Translation for 'to emphasize' from English to Bulgarian
VERB   to emphasize | emphasized | emphasized
emphasizing | emphasizes
SYNO to accent | to accentuate | to emphasise | ...
to emphasize {verb}наблягам на
to emphasize {verb}подчертавам
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Translation for 'to emphasize' from English to Bulgarian

to emphasize {verb}
наблягам на

Usage Examples English
  • The purpose of not working with "k'n" is to emphasize that one "forgets" the vector space structure that "k"n carries.
  • He is wearing a horned helmet, a symbol of divinity, and is also portrayed in a larger scale in comparison to others to emphasize his superiority.
  • The term "differential compression" is used to emphasize the data differencing connection.
  • Following the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, the Roosevelt administration directed all federal programs to emphasize the war effort.
  • Fingerspelling may also be used to emphasize a word that would normally be signed otherwise.

  • The name was changed to Cygwin32 to emphasize Cygnus' role in creating it.
  • Camel case is distinct from title case, which capitalizes all words but retains the spaces between them, and from Tall Man lettering, which uses capitals to emphasize the differences between similar-looking product names such as "predniSONE" and "predniSOLONE".
  • Codecs are often designed to emphasize certain aspects of the media to be encoded.
  • The book caused a firestorm of debate, during which members of the historical school of economics began to derisively call Menger and his students the "Austrian School" to emphasize their departure from mainstream German economic thought – the term was specifically used in an unfavorable review by Gustav von Schmoller.
  • The term "Traditionalist" has been suggested by David Schaberg to emphasize the connection to the past, its standards, and inherited forms, in which Confucius himself placed so much importance.

  • Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro prefers to equate this problem with terms such as corporatocracy or corporatism, considered "a modern form of mercantilism", to emphasize that the only way to run a profitable business in such a system is to have help from corrupt government officials.
  • Recent scholarship tends to emphasize the testimony of Zosimus, who traced the alchemical arts back to Egyptian metallurgical and ceremonial practices.
  • In her large painting, "The Cherry Tree", colors are more vivid but are still used to emphasize form.
  • Split-screen techniques have been used to show two separate events happening simultaneously. To emphasize the dramatic impact of a certain scene De Palma has employed a 360-degree camera pan.
  • Natural-cause theories also tend to emphasize that Alexander's health may have been in general decline after years of heavy drinking and severe wounds.

  • In competitions, the women are often dressed in short-skirted Latin outfits while the men are outfitted in tight-fitting shirts and pants, the goal being to emphasize the dancers' leg action and body movements.
  • The word cistron is used to emphasize that genes exhibit a specific behavior in a cis-trans test; distinct positions (or loci) within a genome are cistronic.
  • Yet another use of 是 is in the "shì...(de)" construction, which is used to emphasize a particular element of the sentence; see [...].
  • Adverbs can sometimes be reduplicated to emphasize the qualitative or quantitative properties of actions, moods or relations as performed by the subject of the sentence: " [...] " ("rather slowly"), " [...] " ("with great difficulty"), " [...] " ("quite", "thoroughly").
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