Translation for 'to keep sth' from English to Bulgarian
to keep sth. {verb}запазвам нщ. [несв.]
Partial Matches
to attribute sth. to sb./sth. {verb}приписвам нщ. на нкг./нщ.
to aim sth. at sb./sth. {verb} насочвам нщ. към нкг./нщ. [несв.]
to point sth. at sb./sth. {verb}насочвам нщ. към нкг./нщ.
to keep {verb}задържам
Keep calm!Запазете спокойствие!
unverified to mingle sth. with sth. {verb}смесвам [несв.]нщ. с нщ.
to rest sth. on sth. {verb}слагам нщ. върху нщ. [несв.]
Keep your eyes peeled!Отваряй си очите на четири!
unverified to unleash sth. {verb}давам воля на нщ.
something {pron} <sth.>нещо <нщ.>
to shut sth. {verb}затварям нщ.
to mandate sth. {verb}нареждам нщ. [разпореждам]
to expose sth. {verb}излагам нщ. на показ
to amend sth. {verb}поправям нщ.
to spearhead sth. {verb}оглавявам нщ. [несв.]
to snatch sth. {verb}грабвам нщ. [несв.]
confess sth. {verb} признавам нщ. [несв.] [разкривам]
to disobey sth. {verb} нарушавам нщ. [несв.] [закон, правила]
unverified to botch sth. {verb}съсипвам нщ.
to exploit sth. {verb}използвам нщ. [и прен.]
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Usage Examples English
  • Some dump trucks route the hot engine exhaust through pipes in the dump body to keep the material warm.
  • Other weak acids serve as buffers with their conjugate bases to keep the body's pH from undergoing large scale changes that would be harmful to cells.
  • Some post-Homeric sources claim that in order to keep Achilles safe from the war, Thetis (or, in some versions, Peleus) hid the young man dressed as a princess or at least a girl at the court of Lycomedes, king of Skyros.
  • During grow-out it is important to keep stocking densities at appropriate levels specific to each species, as well as separating size classes and grading to reduce aggressive behavioural interactions.
  • There is a direct competition between males to win the attention of the females in salamanders and newts, with elaborate courtship displays to keep the female's attention long enough to get her interested in choosing him to mate with.

  • However, these claims were given up in about 1870 during the War of the Pacific between Chile and the allied Bolivia and Peru, in a diplomatic deal to keep Peru out of the war.
  • His family tried its best to shelter him, sending him to a Catholic school and keeping him busy with football to keep him away from the gangs.
  • The electrons are visualized as floating above and below the ring, with the electromagnetic fields they generate acting to keep the ring flat.
  • Nevertheless, one has to keep in mind that electrons are fermions ruled by the Pauli exclusion principle and cannot be distinguished from each other.
  • They also wanted village cooperatives to keep the profit from crop sales in local hands and credit institutions to underwrite needed improvements.

  • The final structure of the abscess is an abscess wall, or capsule, that is formed by the adjacent healthy cells in an attempt to keep the pus from infecting neighboring structures.
  • Initiating them to his service, he instructed them to keep righteousness in their hearts.
  • He is also particular about his personal finances, preferring to keep a bank balance of 444 pounds, 4 shillings, and 4 pence.
  • The novel became a bestseller during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 to the point that its British publisher Penguin Classics reported struggling to keep up with demand.
  • A steadily decreasing timer shortens intervals between saucer attacks to keep the player from not shooting asteroids and saucers.

  • Saltwater mouthwashes are also routinely used after oral surgery, to keep food debris out of healing wounds and to prevent infection.
  • Tally-marks: To keep track of their flocks, their sacks of grain and their money the ancients used tallying: accumulating stones or marks scratched on sticks or making discrete symbols in clay.
  • Amateur astronomers often like to keep records of their observations, which usually takes the form of an observing log.
  • only once; for example, when the data is being collected without enough storage to keep all the values, or when costs of memory access dominate those of computation.
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