Translation for 'to look through sth' from English to Bulgarian
to look through sth.претърсвам нщ.
Partial Matches
to look throughпреглеждам
unverified to hear sth. through the grapevine научавам нщ. от слухове (клюки)
to look forward to sth.очаквам нщ. с нетърпение
look after sb./sth.грижа се за нкг./нщ.
through {prep}през
to aim sth. at sb./sth. насочвам нщ. към нкг./нщ. [несв.]
to point sth. at sb./sth.насочвам нщ. към нкг./нщ.
to attribute sth. to sb./sth.приписвам нщ. на нкг./нщ.
to go through [check]проверявам
Through a Glass Darkly [Ingmar Bergman]
Като в огледало [Ингмар Бергман]
to rest sth. on sth.слагам нщ. върху нщ. [несв.]
unverified to mingle sth. with sth.смесвам [несв.]нщ. с нщ.
to go through / have one's baptism of fire [idiom] получавам бойно кръщение [идиом.]
to lookгледам
look {noun}поглед {м}
to lookимам вид
questioning look {noun}въпросителен поглед {м}
to look up търся [в справочник,речник и т.н.]
to look forтърся [несв.]
to ascertain sth. установявам нщ. [несв.] [констатирам]
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Usage Examples English
  • To discourage this practice, stores will rotate the location of stock to encourage customers to look through the entire store.
  • Since prehistoric times until the spread of contemporary UV-shielding spectacles against snowblindness, Inuit made and wore Snow goggles of flattened walrus or caribou ivory with narrow slits to look through to block almost all of the harmful reflected rays of the sun.
  • The early goniometric devices suffered from the problem that the layer (gun aimer) had to move around to look through the sight.
  • One of the special effects he employed made it appear as if he was able to look through his assistant, Barbara Loden's, head.
  • Video taps are used to allow the film crew to see what is in the camera's frame without having to look through the viewfinder, as well as allowing video to be recorded and can be used to create an immediate rough cut, if needed.

  • Another type of optical sight is the reflector (or "reflex") sight, a generally non-magnifying optical device that allows the user to look through a glass element and see a reflection of an illuminated aiming point or some other image superimposed on the field of view.
  • In September 1887, Anschütz introduced a hand-cranked Tachyscope with a diameter of 58 centimeters and with the choice to look through one of three rows with 19, 20 and 21 apertures.
  • A copy of "Stereotomy" can (very) briefly be seen in "The Big Lebowski" when Maude tells The Dude to look through her LPs.
  • is a function with finite domain it is sufficient to look through the list of images of each domain element and check that no image occurs twice on the list.
  • In most cases, indications of brightness and darkness refer not to visible light, but to the infrared images used to look through Titan's obscuring haze.

  • With this system, all that is required of the infantryman is to look through an amplifying optical sight and keep it exactly aligned with the objective.
  • The ability to utilize any and all of these techniques hinges on being able to look through the diamonds which was first demonstrated by visual observations.
  • A player is neither required to divulge the contents of his score pile, nor is he permitted to look through it except as necessary to find a half-point card to replace the Fool.
  • The instrument looked sideways out of the UARS platform to allow the instrument to look through the stratosphere and the lower mesosphere.
  • Fast radio bursts were discovered in 2007 when Duncan Lorimer of West Virginia University assigned his student David Narkevic to look through archival data recorded in 2001 by the Parkes radio dish.

  • The view through the glass bottom is better than simply looking into the water from above, because one does not have to look through optically erratic surface disturbances.
  • Security at the facility centers on a panoptic design that allows deputies and officers in a central control room to look through secure optical material to see into all areas of the facility.
  • Then they have some time to look through the questions.
  • Arrive for sunset and stay to look through a telescope after dark.
  • The instrument is strictly a camera; there is no provision for an eyepiece to look through it.

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