Translation for 'to shake' from English to Bulgarian
VERB   to shake | shook | shaken / shook [nonstandard]
shaking | shakes
SYNO handclasp | handshake | handshaking | ...
to shake {verb}треперя
to shake {verb}клатя (се) [несв.]
to shake {verb}раздрусвам (се) [несв.]
to shake hands {verb}ръкувам се [несв.]
milk shake {noun}
млечен шейк {м}
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Usage Examples English
  • Irrespective of the theoretical merits of breaking up patients' expectations, it was clear that "the Lacanian analyst never wants to 'shake up' the routine by keeping them for more rather than less time".
  • In the English version of this "antihymn", the second stanza refers ambiguously to "people" and "other folk", but the German version is more specific: the author encourages Germans to find ways to relieve the people of "other" nations from needing to flinch at the memory of things Germans have done in the past, so that people of other nations can feel ready to shake hands with a German again as they would with anyone else.
  • When a person is contagious with a cold, flu or other virus, it is important that hands or other objects used to remove mucus are washed promptly because there is risk of introducing micro-organisms to other parts of the body or other people since it is a norm to shake hands in many societies.
  • The season hit a low point with the Sri Lankans which saw the teams refuse to shake hands at the end of the second final of the triangular series which Australia won 2–0.
  • The seismometer failed to uncage, and a sampler arm locking pin was stuck and took five days to shake out.

  • Queen's death allowed the writers to shake up the status quo by making Connor Hawke a replacement Green Arrow.
  • For the poet he was branded a "traitor of the nation" by his red arm band and refused to shake his hand when he met him in a café after the war.
  • At a rally in Chico, California, he was reaching down to shake the hand of a supporter, when the railing on the stage gave way and he tumbled four feet.
  • In its early days, the club was uncompetitive on the field and struggled to shake the derisive tags which included "The Cararra Koalas" (in reference to the Gold Coast home and the somewhat tame marsupial) and "The Bad News Bears".
  • Rock band Clutch mentions Hicks in the song "How to Shake Hands" from their 2018 album, "Book of Bad Decisions".

  • However, these requirements are not uniform and may prove difficult to implement as "old practices prove hard to shake".
  • Harvesting in the United States and in Greece is often accomplished using equipment to shake the drupes off the tree.
  • While some claim the raid was disastrous, serving little purpose other than to shake-up both ASIO and the Whitlam government, the findings of such investigations were not published.
  • This eliminates the need for humans to shake the bubble tea by hand.
  • Lacking super speed, Jace was unable to shake off the virus.

  • The jolts and shocks of the ship in the hold of the energy ribbon were created by camera bumps and motors to shake the set.
  • It is considered good luck to shake the champagne bottle and spray around at midnight.
  • Anton Goebel "suggests the root στρατ or ῥατ, "to shake", and makes Artemis mean the thrower of the dart or the shooter".
  • Later in the episode, another candidate for one of the major parties was shaking hands with patients in hospital, then came up to Victor to shake his hand and asked if Victor would be voting for him.
  • In 1972, Richard Nixon made a landmark visit to the People's Republic of China to shake hands with Chairman Mao Zedong; this simple handshake marked the gradual pacification of Eastern–Western hostility and the re-formation of relations between "the most powerful and most populous" global powers: the United States and China.

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