Translation for 'to simplify sth' from English to Bulgarian
to simplify sth.опростявам нщ.
Partial Matches
to point sth. at sb./sth.насочвам нщ. към нкг./нщ.
to aim sth. at sb./sth. насочвам нщ. към нкг./нщ. [несв.]
to attribute sth. to sb./sth.приписвам нщ. на нкг./нщ.
unverified to mingle sth. with sth.смесвам [несв.]нщ. с нщ.
to rest sth. on sth.слагам нщ. върху нщ. [несв.]
to guarantee sth.гарантирам нщ. [св.] [несв.]
to examine sth. разглеждам нщ. [несв.] [изучавам, изследвам]
to intend sth. планирам нщ. [несв.] [възнамерявам]
to incur sth. спечелвам си нщ. [несв.] [омраза и пр.]
to incur sth. навличам си нщ. [несв.] [обвинения и пр.]
to define sth.дефинирам нщ. [несв./св.]
to manage sth.справям се с нщ. [несв.]
to gauge sth.
измервам нщ. [несв.] [с инструмент]
to envisage sth.представям си нщ. [несв.]
to abuse sth.злоупотребявам с нщ. [несв.]
to mandate sth.нареждам нщ. [разпореждам]
to disassemble sth.разглобявам нщ.
to exploit sth.използвам нщ. [и прен.]
to spearhead sth.оглавявам нщ. [несв.]
to covet sth.пожелавам нщ. [чуждо]
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Usage Examples English
  • Convenience foods of the era were designed to simplify home preparation.
  • The 1040A was introduced by the 1930s to simplify the filing process and discontinued after tax year 2017.
  • Verilog was created to simplify the process making HDL more robust and flexible.
  • In the era of mechanical calculation it was common to subtract a constant from all observations (when equivalent to dropping leading digits) to simplify data entry.
  • In the process of solving an equation, an identity is often used to simplify an equation, making it more easily solvable.

  • To simplify comparisons of density across different systems of units, it is sometimes replaced by the dimensionless quantity "relative density" or "specific gravity", i.e.
  • Officially, the Deseret alphabet was created to simplify the spelling of English words for the benefit of children and English as a second language learners.
  • Certain machine learning architectures based on dendritic trees have shown to simplify the learning algorithm without affecting performance.
  • This allowed electrical engineers to simplify calculations for inductance and capacitance in power transmission lines.
  • A for-profit corporation is almost always a stock corporation, but some for-profit corporations may choose to be non-stock. To simplify the explanation, whenever "stockholder" or "shareholder" is used in the rest of this article to refer to a stock corporation, it is presumed to mean the same as "member" for a non-profit corporation or for a profit, non-stock corporation.

  • Typically a simpler mathematical model is chosen in order to simplify calculations, otherwise, the true system dynamics can be so complicated that a complete model is impossible.
  • Historically, popularization of abbreviations was a way to simplify mass-education in 1920s (see Likbez).
  • Garbage collection was invented by American computer scientist John McCarthy around 1959 to simplify manual memory management in Lisp.
  • The story does not invent or exaggerate evils of the world—it displays real ones starkly, allowing Voltaire to simplify subtle philosophies and cultural traditions, highlighting their flaws.
  • For real-time, it is appropriate to simplify one or more common approximations, and tune to the exact parameters of the scenery in question, which is also tuned to the agreed parameters to get the most 'bang for the buck'.

  • If these auxiliary assumptions are not globally applicable, the material may be segregated into sections where they are applicable in order to simplify the analysis.
  • It was Greg Stafford's idea to simplify the rules (eliminating such things as Strike Ranks and Hit Locations) and issue them in a 16-page booklet called "Basic Role-Playing".
  • However, to simplify their design, a number of special-purpose processors still use a single accumulator.
  • To simplify animation of sprites, AMOS included the AMOS Animation Language (AMAL), a compiled sprite scripting language which runs independently of the main AMOS BASIC program.
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