Translation for 'to skip sth' from English to Bulgarian
to skip sth. {verb} пропускам нщ. [несв.] [прескачам]
unverified to skip sth. {verb} прескачам нщ. [несв.] [при четене]
Partial Matches
to attribute sth. to sb./sth. {verb}приписвам нщ. на нкг./нщ.
to point sth. at sb./sth. {verb}насочвам нщ. към нкг./нщ.
to aim sth. at sb./sth. {verb} насочвам нщ. към нкг./нщ. [несв.]
to rest sth. on sth. {verb}слагам нщ. върху нщ. [несв.]
unverified to mingle sth. with sth. {verb}смесвам [несв.]нщ. с нщ.
to exploit sth. {verb}използвам нщ. [и прен.]
to disobey sth. {verb} нарушавам нщ. [несв.] [закон, правила]
unverified to resist sth. {verb} устоявам на нщ. [съблазън и т.н.]
unverified to botch sth. {verb}съсипвам нщ.
to spearhead sth. {verb}оглавявам нщ. [несв.]
unverified to modify sth. {verb}променям нщ. [частично]
to covet sth. {verb}пожелавам нщ. [чуждо]
confess sth. {verb} признавам нщ. [несв.] [разкривам]
unverified to bob sth. {verb} клатя нщ. напред-назад [несв.]
to disassemble sth. {verb}разглобявам нщ.
to emit sth. {verb}излъчвам нщ. [несв.]
to accelerate sth. {verb}ускорявам нщ. [несв.]
to evade sth. {verb}избягвам от нщ. [несв.]
to adorn sth. {verb}украсявам нщ. [несв.]
to eradicate sth. {verb}изкоренявам нщ. [несв.]
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Translation for 'to skip sth' from English to Bulgarian

to skip sth. {verb}
пропускам нщ. [несв.] [прескачам]

unverified прескачам нщ. [несв.] [при четене]

to attribute sth. to sb./sth. {verb}
приписвам нщ. на нкг./нщ.
to point sth. at sb./sth. {verb}
насочвам нщ. към нкг./нщ.
to aim sth. at sb./sth. {verb}
насочвам нщ. към нкг./нщ. [несв.]
to rest sth. on sth. {verb}
слагам нщ. върху нщ. [несв.]
to mingle sth. with sth. {verb}
unverified смесвам [несв.]нщ. с нщ.
to exploit sth. {verb}
използвам нщ. [и прен.]
to disobey sth. {verb}
нарушавам нщ. [несв.] [закон, правила]
to resist sth. {verb}
unverified устоявам на нщ. [съблазън и т.н.]
to botch sth. {verb}
unverified съсипвам нщ.
to spearhead sth. {verb}
оглавявам нщ. [несв.]
to modify sth. {verb}
unverified променям нщ. [частично]
to covet sth. {verb}
пожелавам нщ. [чуждо]
confess sth. {verb}
признавам нщ. [несв.] [разкривам]
to bob sth. {verb}
unverified клатя нщ. напред-назад [несв.]
to disassemble sth. {verb}
разглобявам нщ.
to emit sth. {verb}
излъчвам нщ. [несв.]
to accelerate sth. {verb}
ускорявам нщ. [несв.]
to evade sth. {verb}
избягвам от нщ. [несв.]
to adorn sth. {verb}
украсявам нщ. [несв.]
to eradicate sth. {verb}
изкоренявам нщ. [несв.]
Usage Examples English
  • They use technology to skip to various worlds, and end up meeting Lazarus Long.
  • The raising of the exception allows control to skip over the entire chain of frames and avoid the associated computation.
  • The team offered Taurasi to pay her more than her WNBA salary to skip the 2015 WNBA season.
  • Students who already possess a bachelor's degree or equivalent from another university are generally permitted to skip Part I, and thus can complete a Cambridge bachelor's degree in two years or less.
  • Because James Madison met FBS scheduling requirements in its first season in the Sun Belt Conference in 2022 (specifically five home games against FBS opposition), it was allowed to skip the first year of the normal two-year process.

  • Because the specification includes explicit lengths for each chunk, it is possible for a parser to skip over chunks that it either can't or doesn't care to process.
  • Other examples of finite-time singularities include the various forms of the Painlevé paradox (for example, the tendency of a chalk to skip when dragged across a blackboard), and how the precession rate of a coin spun on a flat surface accelerates towards infinite—before abruptly stopping (as studied using the Euler's Disk toy).
  • urging parents to skip specific offensive passages when reading to their children.
  • When debugging the problem in a GUI, the programmer can try to skip some user interaction from the original problem description and check if remaining actions are sufficient for bugs to appear.
  • Knute Rockne, the coach of the Irish at the time, was so confident that the Irish would defeat "tiny Carnegie Tech" that he decided to skip the game and travel to Chicago to watch the Army-Navy football game for scouting purposes.

  • Sometimes within the body of a loop there is a desire to skip the remainder of the loop body and continue with the next iteration of the loop.
  • In a series of episodes during the fifth season, the island on which the show takes place begins to skip violently back and forth through time after the wheel is pulled off its axis.
  • Use of CTCSS is especially helpful on congested frequencies or on frequency bands prone to skip and during band openings.
  • The shift register design meant that scrolling the terminal display could be accomplished by simply pausing the display output to skip one line of characters.
  • Successive positions of digits have higher weights, so the digit zero is used inside a numeral to skip a position and give appropriate weights to the preceding and following digits.

  • Pierre Lartigue took Citroën's second win in acrimonious circumstances, as Mitsubishi's leading drivers were forced to withdraw from exhaustion after traversing some particularly demanding sand dunes in the Mauritanian desert that the Citroën crews had opted to skip.
  • As such, it has to skip over many interesting or important local stories because they simply do not interest the large majority of their viewers.
  • It copies data from the next node into the node, and then sets the node's "next" pointer to skip over the next node.
  • Today's filmmakers tend to skip the establishing shot in order to move the scene along more quickly, or merely mention the setting in on-screen text (as is done in the "Law & Order" franchise).
  • Since this initial version, there has been one major update to the RDOFF format, which added a record-length indicator on each header record, allowing programs to skip over records whose format they do not recognise, and support for multiple segments; RDOFF1 only supported three segments: "text", "data" and "bss" (containing uninitialized data).

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