Translation for 'to speed' from English to Bulgarian
VERB   to speed | sped / speeded | sped / speeded
speeding | speeds
SYNO amphetamine | fastness | f number | ...
to speed {verb}
карам с превишена скорост
speed {noun}скорост {ж}
to speed up {verb}ускорявам
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Usage Examples English
  • ", which became a propaganda symbol of German air power and of the so-called "Blitzkrieg" victories of 1939–1942, as well as providing Stuka pilots with audible feedback as to speed.
  • Code completion is an important IDE feature, intended to speed up programming. Modern IDEs even have intelligent code completion.
  • OverDrive wasn't popular due to speed and price. The 486 was declared obsolete as early as 1996, with a Florida school district's purchase of a fleet of 486DX4 machines in that year sparking controversy.
  • Hash tables can be used to implement caches, auxiliary data tables that are used to speed up the access to data that is primarily stored in slower media.
  • The gzip format is used in HTTP compression, a technique used to speed up the sending of HTML and other content on the World Wide Web.

  • If all layers of an image change regularly but many layers still need to be composited (such as in distributed rendering), the commutativity of a compositing operator can still be exploited to speed up computation through parallelism even when there is no gain from pre-computation.
  • GDES was a DES variant proposed as a way to speed up encryption, but it was shown to be susceptible to differential cryptanalysis.
  • The advent of the helicopter provides the ability to speed replenishment by lifting supplies at the same time that fueling hoses and lines are delivering other goods.
  • Many types of cancer are caused by mutations that allow the cells to speed through the various checkpoints or even skip them altogether.
  • An unusual production feature was a special truck rig to speed delivery at the main Curtiss plant in Buffalo, New York.

  • CDNs began in the late 1990s as a way to speed up the delivery of static content, such as HTML pages, images and videos.
  • Some casinos disallow such rituals to speed up the pace of the game.
  • Closing an abscess immediately after draining it appears to speed healing without increasing the risk of recurrence.
  • By today's musical standards, their sound is closer to speed metal or thrash metal.
  • To speed the trials at Woomera, the test rounds were flown there by Victors and Vulcans in Operation Blue Ranger.

  • To assist Beatty, early in the battle at about 16:05, Jellicoe had ordered Rear-Admiral Horace Hood's 3rd Battlecruiser Squadron to speed ahead to find and support Beatty's force, and Hood was now racing SSE well in advance of Jellicoe's northern force.
  • Argon has also been used experimentally to replace nitrogen in the breathing or decompression mix known as Argox, to speed the elimination of dissolved nitrogen from the blood.
  • An implication of Amdahl's law is that to speed up real applications which have both serial and parallel portions, heterogeneous computing techniques are required.
  • A Komodo dragon may attempt to speed up the process by ramming the carcass against a tree to force it down its throat, sometimes ramming so forcefully that the tree is knocked down.
  • Kamov's compact design was chosen for production in 1958. To speed the development of the new anti-submarine helicopter Kamov designed and built a prototype to prove the cabin and dynamic components layout; designated Ka-20, this demonstrator was not equipped with mission equipment, corrosion protection or shipboard operational equipment.

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