Translation for 'to wallow' from English to Bulgarian
VERB   to wallow | wallowed | wallowed
wallowing | wallows
SYNO to billow | to rejoice | to triumph | ...
to wallowвалям се
to wallowвъргалям се
to wallowтъркалям се
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Translation for 'to wallow' from English to Bulgarian

to wallow
валям се

въргалям се

търкалям се
Usage Examples English
  • cried the angry mob which had gathered to wallow in the spectacle of this just man's calvary.
  • The name comes from a small depression where bears came to wallow in a mud hole.
  • ... 79 inches) - so the fish is able to wallow. They will wallow at night when resting and to escape predation during the day.
  • By New Year's Eve, Debbie had decided not to wallow in grief and misery but to see more of the world and enjoy her life to the fullest — or as much as she could without Dan by her side.
  • "New York Times Magazine" columnist Rob Walker agrees that the Zune's "community and togetherness seem like a reasonable counterpunch to iPod's supposed attraction as an individuality enabler that allows owners to wallow in their own tasteful personal soundtracks."

  • Elverum explains that the title track is about the desire to wallow in self pity: "Being annoyed at your heart for still beating."
  • Swamp buffaloes prefer to wallow in mudholes, which they make with their horns.
  • ... 7 inches / 4 cm) and wheel geometry modified to incorporate "anti-dive action", improvements intended to address the Victor's tendency to wallow, which by then was attracting criticism from performance-oriented commentators.
  • The episode explores people's willingness to wallow in misery and hate, through the example of a woman who submits herself to serving first her mean-spirited uncle, and later the robot he malevolently designed.
  • CB4 breaks up, with Dead Mike becoming an Afrocentric rapper while Stab Master Arson establishes himself as a successful DJ, leaving Albert to wallow in self-pity and his growing addiction to drugs.

  • Bison were known to use the lakes as a watering hole and to wallow in the shallow waters as a respite from heat and insects.
  • It noted that she had problems with a following sea as the superstructure rapidly filled with water, but drained slowly so that she was much heavier by the bow and would tend to wallow.
  • The collective stance is not to wallow in "being a victim" but to move into the practical application of seeing family dysfunction as a generational affliction and a pattern that can be healed.
  • At the other end of the table New Norfolk continued to wallow at the foot of the table and suffer from disastrous financial turmoil, during the season a crisis meeting was held at New Norfolk where discussions were held on what the future of the club may be, whether it be a merger, dropping out of the league or a last-ditch effort to rescue the club's ailing finances.
  • These three Indian breeds are Riverine type water buffaloes they prefer clear water to wallow.

  • The rest will be left to wallow in the spiritually poisoned atmosphere of a corrupt world."
  • Loch na Caillich stands on this NE ridge at a height of around 700 metres and is a well known gathering point for deer with Charles Plumb describing it as a place "“where the deer love to wallow”".
  • Charles Isherwood in "The New York Times" called the production "dismal" and criticized the "[...]nvitations to sing along" and the "inducements to wallow in visions of happy yesterdays".
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