Translation for 'tulip' from English to Bulgarian
NOUN   a tulip | tulips
tulip {noun}
лале {ср}
drooping tulip {noun} [Fritillaria meleagris]
шахматна ведрица {ж}
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Translation for 'tulip' from English to Bulgarian

tulip {noun}
лале {ср}бот.T

drooping tulip {noun} [Fritillaria meleagris]
шахматна ведрица {ж}бот.T
Usage Examples English
  • Also known as the tulip break virus, lily streak virus, lily mosaic virus, or simply TBV, "Tulip breaking virus" is most famous for its dramatic effects on the color of the tulip perianth, an effect highly sought after during the 17th-century Dutch "tulip mania".
  • Tulip snail or tulip shell is the common name for eight species of large, predatory, subtropical and tropical sea snails from the Western Atlantic.
  • By 1562 the tulip trade had reached Europe with the first shipment to Antwerp, where they were mistaken for vegetables, Eventually speculative trading in tulips became so intense as to cause a financial bubble which eventually collapsed, a period known as tulip mania (tulipomania), from 1634 to 1637, similar to the Ottoman Empire's Tulip era.
  • The symbol of the municipality is the tulip. The central square is called "Lale Meydanı" (Turkish for "tulip square"), and every year a tulip festival is held where plastic tulips are handed out in the streets.
  • Tulip Mania (1634-1637), in which some single tulip bulbs allegedly sold for more than 10 times the annual income of a skilled artisan, is often considered to be the first recorded economic bubble.

  • Taean holds the World Tulip Festival for a month from mid-April.
  • "Anthurium amnicola" (syn. "Anthurium lilacinum"), the tulip anthurium, tulip tailflower, or Hawaiian tulip, is a species of flowering plant in the family Araceae, native to Panama.
  • In 1949, the National Tulip Society designated Cedar Knolls the Tulip Center of Westchester County.
  • The tulip breaking virus played a role in the tulip mania of the Dutch Golden Age.
  • Building on the work of Sir Alfred Daniel Hall, Cayley started investigating the phenomenon of "Tulip Breaking" – the formation of feather-like patterns on tulip petals.

  • "Tulipa suaveolens" syn. "Tulipa schrenkii", the van Thol tulip or Schrenck's tulip, is a bulbous herbaceous perennial of species of tulip ("Tulipa") in the family of the Liliaceae.
  • "Harpullia hillii", commonly known as blunt-leaved tulip or oblong-leaved tulip, is a tree in the family Sapindaceae, endemic to eastern Australia.
  • The name is derived from the Latin word for "tulip" and refers to an orange, tulip-shaped subapical spot on the forewing.
  • "Papaver glaucum", the tulip poppy, Turkish tulip or Turkish red poppy, is a poppy found in the region of Anatolia.
  • The banded tulip shell does not grow as large as that of the true tulip, "Fasciolaria tulipa".

  • Yūbetsu's mascots are [...] and [...]. They are mischievous tulip siblings who lived in the Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park.
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