Translation for 'vagina' from English to Bulgarian
NOUN   a vagina | vaginas / vaginae
vagina {noun}
вагина {ж}
vagina {noun}
влагалище {ср}
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Translation for 'vagina' from English to Bulgarian

vagina {noun}
вагина {ж}анат.

влагалище {ср}анат.
Usage Examples English
  • The Broadway play "The Vagina Monologues" had a brief, but notorious, appearance on the Ugandan stage before being banned by government censors.
  • The fornices of the vagina (sing. fornix of the vagina or fornix vaginae) are the superior portions of the vagina, extending into the recesses created by the vaginal portion of cervix.
  • A whole range of gynecological complaints, including difficulty in labor, infertility, dyspareunia (pain during sex), pelvic organ prolapse and urinary retention, are believed to be caused by a vagina that is too narrow in these areas.
  • In 2003, she performed with actresses Alicia Mazzer and Emilia Bruzzo in the play "Monologos de la vagina" (Vagina Monologues).
  • In the female cat, the genitalia includes the uterus, the vagina, the genital passages and teats.

  • Titarubi created the Vagina Brocade in "Opera Jawa", symbolising both a vagina and a blazing fire.
  • In treating Müllerian agenesis, the Vecchietti procedure is a laparoscopic surgical technique that produces a vagina of dimensions (depth and width) comparable to those of a normal vagina (ca.
  • Squamous-cell carcinoma of the vagina is a potentially invasive type of cancer that forms in the tissues of the vagina.
  • Genital reconstruction surgery can correct prolapse of the urinary bladder into the vagina and protrusion of the rectum into the vagina.
  • "Vagina dentata" (Latin for "toothed vagina") describes a folk tale in which a woman's vagina is said to contain teeth, with the associated implication that sexual intercourse might result in injury, emasculation, or castration for the man involved.

  • NGU is transmitted by touching the mouth, penis, vagina or anus by penis, vagina or anus of a person who has NGU.
  • The Baden–Walker Halfway Scoring System is used as the second most used system and assigns the classifications as mild (grade 1) when the bladder droops only a short way into the vagina; (grade 2) cystocele, the bladder sinks far enough to reach the opening of the vagina; and (grade 3) when the bladder bulges out through the opening of the vagina.
  • ... "; also known as "Virginia the Talking Vagina") is a 1977 American comedy film about a woman with a talking vagina.
  • Although anal sex alone does not lead to pregnancy, pregnancy can still occur with anal sex or other forms of sexual activity if the penis is near the vagina (such as during intercrural sex or other genital-genital rubbing) and its sperm is deposited near the vagina's entrance and travels along the vagina's lubricating fluids; the risk of pregnancy can also occur without the penis being near the vagina because sperm may be transported to the vaginal opening by the vagina coming in contact with fingers or other non-genital body parts that have come in contact with semen.
  • The perineal sponge is composed of erectile tissue; during arousal, it becomes swollen with blood compressing the outer third of the vagina along with the vestibular bulbs and urethral sponge thereby tightening the vagina and increasing stimulation for the vagina and a penis, if involved.

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