Translation for 'verbose' from English to Bulgarian
ADJ   verbose | more verbose | most verbose
SYNO long-winded | tedious | verbose | ...
verbose {adj}многословен
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Translation for 'verbose' from English to Bulgarian

verbose {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • JavaFX Script's declarative syntax for constructing user interfaces contrasts sharply with the more verbose series of method calls required to construct an equivalent interface in Swing directly.
  • Critic S.T. Joshi has referred to the novel as "a drearily verbose and unfocussed rehashing of old themes".
  • Adding the -v parameter to the command runs contig in verbose mode.
  • « Rather verbose, the autistic subject », in Ornicar ? digital, revue électronique multilingue de psychanalyse, 299, avril 2007.
  • These weaknesses result in monolithic, verbose (intended to be English-like) programs that are not easily comprehensible.

  • Other complaints may include a lack of reflection or garbage collection, long compilation times, perceived feature creep, and verbose error messages, particularly from template metaprogramming.
  • They trade long and verbose Alpha, Beta and Gamma Asking Bids for the shorter and concise descriptive sequences. The convention card is available on the internet.
  • Warning signs (alerting drivers of unexpected or hazardous conditions) tend to be more verbose than their Vienna Convention counterparts.
  • While Schematron is good at relational constructs, its ability to specify the basic structure of a document, that is, which elements can go where, results in a very verbose schema.
  • Low level rendering APIs typically leave more responsibility with the user for resource memory management, and require more verbose control, but have significantly lower CPU overhead, "and" allow greater utilisation of multicore processors.

  • Language processors, including compilers and static analyzers, often expand sugared constructs into their more verbose equivalents before processing, a process sometimes called "desugaring".
  • On its verbose language, one editor at "Manchester Literary Club" felt that the "enthusiastic philologist" would "make heaven" of "Betelguese, a Trip Through Hell".
  • OfflineIMAP provides several command-line interfaces, including interactive color curses-based, non-interactive console logging, and several yet less verbose modes.
  • "Two Tickets to Ten Strike" with Connie Stevens is a hybrid of comedy, mystery and action drama spotlighting Adam West spouting amazing dialogue as an amusingly verbose villain insistently threatening Bret.
  • If the behavior of a function can be specified precisely by either a unified interface, parametric polymorphism, or duck typing, then the verbose nature of intersection types is unfavorable.

  • Either approach is acceptable to the compiler, but the implied version (e.g. [...]) is preferred as it is less verbose.
  • Command line flag [...] tells cpio to construct directories as necessary. Flag [...] ("verbose") lists file names as they are extracted.
  • Many command line programs can be set to verbose mode by using a flag, such as [...] or [...]. Such a program is cURL.
  • The textual representation listed above is verbose; MusicXML v2.0 addresses this by adding a compressed zip format with a [...] suffix that can make files roughly one-twentieth the size of the uncompressed version.
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