Translation for 'very' from English to Bulgarian
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very {adv}много
very well {adv}много добре
Thank you very much!Много благодаря!
You are very kind.Вие сте много любезен.
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Usage Examples English
  • This is very favourable for spherical tokamak plasmas, which have very high dielectric constants that makes LHCD or ECCD very hard.
  • Frank, who was very courageous and very skillful, developed into a very valuable member of the Richmond senior side.
  • Village is located 14 km from nearest town Anjar. Villagers enjoy very good drinking water supply, and very Electricity supply with very less power shortages.
  • Tsogt-Ovoo has a cold desert climate (Köppen climate classification "BWk") with very warm summers and very cold winters. Most precipitation falls in the summer as rain. Winters are very dry.
  • A function with a vertical asymptote is not helpful in defining a very large number, although the function increases very rapidly: one has to define an argument very close to the asymptote, i.e.

  • This type of transformer is very efficient (very little loss) but severely limited in the frequency span it will operate on: Whereas the choke transformer, above, is very broadbanded, a line section transformer is very narrowbanded.
  • The Banham Spyder was based on the Skoda Estelle and Skoda Rapid and a very close replica of the Porsche 550 of James Dean fame.
  • The school has a very capable staff. The teachers working there create a very safe learning environment and they offer help to those in need.
  • VirusControl has chosen their discount rate very high as their company is potentially very profitable but also very risky. They calculate their discount factor based on five years.
  • Summers are short but very warm with mild nights.

  • The west coast is very inaccessible, with very steep cliffs, while the east coast is more accessible.
  • After the "Cheer-up Hut" was opened Seager was appointed (on a salary) as its "very able, very zealous, very efficient, and very tactful" manager.
  • Leo helps a small bird named Eva get back to her nest. But it's at the very, very, very top of Montserrat. Can he be brave enough to do it?
  • Claude Lanzmann, director of the documentary "Shoah", gave the film high praise, stating that "it's a very new film, very original, very unusual.
  • Weather is very humid. The winters are very cold.

  • "I wish to say that the building is a very poor one.
  • Head very small, not distinct from neck. Eye minute, with round pupil. Body cylindrical, very slender. Tail very short, ending in a very obtuse point.
  • The apex is very blunt. The shell is very longitudinally strongly ribbed and very transversely ornamented with raised striae, forming deep cancellations.
  • San Juancito sees very, very few tourists because it is the most inaccessible of La Tigra's entrances, and because very little has been done to develop an infrastructure that promotes tourism.
  • Bran is a very typical defensive midfielder, that covers a lot of terrain on the pitch being very fast and using very aggressive tackles and tight marking.

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