Translation for 'viable' from English to Bulgarian
ADJ   viable | more viable | most viable
SYNO executable | feasible | practicable | ...
viable {adj}
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Translation for 'viable' from English to Bulgarian

viable {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • Viable proposals would then be put to a referendum of citizens in the former shire for a majority vote on de-amalgamation.
  • In part, the tension resulted from the historical coincidence of the first viable African American presidential candidate and the first viable woman candidate, running against each other in the same nomination race.
  • The Viable System Model (VSM) is a model of the organisational structure of any viable or autonomous system.
  • Evans blue dye has been used as a viability assay on the basis of its penetration into non-viable cells, although the method is subject to error because it assumes that damaged or otherwise altered cells are not capable of repair and therefore are not viable.
  • According to Georgescu-Roegen's terminology, a technology is 'viable' only when it is able to return an energy surplus sufficiently large to maintain its own operation, "plus" some additional energy left over for other use.

  • directed counting the Levites "from a month old and upward" and not earlier because they considered a newborn infant not to be definitely viable, but a child who had lived a month was definitely known to be viable.
  • Seed is likely to remain viable for a long time, as seed of the closely related "B.
  • Early treatment of an ectopic pregnancy with methotrexate is a viable alternative to surgical treatment Therefore, it is recommended that methotrexate should only be administered when hCG has been serially monitored with a rise less than 35% over 48 hours, which practically excludes a viable intrauterine pregnancy.
  • Nic Reuben of Rock, Paper, Shotgun enjoyed how the game's classes meshed well together, and were each viable for co-op, saying that "each class is both viable and enjoyable".
  • The viable system model of Stafford Beer is an organizational model with an affine self-similar hierarchy, where a given viable system is one element of the System One of a viable system one recursive level higher up, and for whom the elements of its System One are viable systems one recursive level lower down.

  • The approach is considered by some to be the only viable currently active program to separate P from NP.
  • Content design is the creation of characters, items, puzzles, missions, or any aspect of the game that is not required for it to function properly and meet the minimum viable product standard.
  • Leatherback sea turtles are known to lay large clutches of viable eggs interspersed with yolkless eggs.
  • Nineteen operational and six non-operational or road served wharves are viable or capable of being made viable for cargo-handling and should be safeguarded by direction of the Deputy Prime Minister.
  • The first thing to note about the cybernetic theory of organizations encapsulated in the VSM is that viable systems are recursive; viable systems contain viable systems that can be modeled using an identical cybernetic description as the higher (and lower) level systems in the containment hierarchy (Beer expresses this property of viable systems as "cybernetic isomorphism").

  • After the first round of voting, supporters of viable candidates have their votes locked to their chosen candidate, while the supporters of non [...] viable candidates are allowed through a second final round of voting (called realignment) to transfer their vote either to an already [...] viable candidate or to a non [...] viable group as long as they make it viable.
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