Translation for 'well-known' from English to Bulgarian
SYNO long-familiar | well-known
well-known {adj} {past-p}известен
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Translation for 'well-known' from English to Bulgarian

well-known {adj} {past-p}
Usage Examples English
  • His court is relatively well known. The head of the gate guard Ahmose-sa-Neith appears on numerous monuments, including the location of his sarcophagus.
  • Antipopes have appeared as fictional characters. These may be either in historical fiction, as fictional portraits of well-known historical antipopes or as purely imaginary antipopes.
  • The broad outlines of the poet's life are well known.
  • Maintaining the traditions of the Iranian nobility to which he belonged, he kept excellent stables and became a well-known figure at the Bombay racecourse.
  • The Aeneas legend was well known in Virgil's day and appeared in various historical works, including the "Roman Antiquities" of the Greek historian Dionysius of Halicarnassus (relying on Marcus Terentius Varro), "Ab Urbe Condita" by Livy (probably dependent on Quintus Fabius Pictor, fl.

  • The Batlló family was very well known in Barcelona for its contribution to the textile industry in the city.
  • A well-known Gnostic apocryphal book is the Gospel of Thomas, the only complete text of which was found in the Egyptian town of Nag Hammadi in 1945.
  • Anisotropy is also a well-known property in medical ultrasound imaging describing a different resulting echogenicity of soft tissues, such as tendons, when the angle of the transducer is changed.
  • The lives of numerous abbots make up a significant contribution to Christian hagiography, one of the most well-known being the "Life of St. Benedict of Nursia" by St. Gregory the Great.
  • In the same supplement, Fresnel described his well-known double mirror, comprising two flat mirrors joined at an angle of slightly less than 180°, with which he produced a two-slit interference pattern from two virtual images of the same slit.

  • The term became popular again in Australia first, when George Giffen, in his memoirs ("With Bat and Ball", 1899), used the term as if it were well known.
  • The "Moses and Aaron Church" (...), in the Waterlooplein neighborhood of Amsterdam, is one of the most well-known Catholic churches in the city.
  • The novel is still among the most famous of all detective novels: Edmund Wilson alludes to it in the title of his well-known attack on detective fiction, "Who Cares Who Killed Roger Ackroyd?
  • The secondary chain of the Alps follows the watershed from the Mediterranean Sea to the Wienerwald, passing over many of the highest and most well-known peaks in the Alps.
  • Robert G. Ingersoll (1833–1899), an Illinois lawyer and politician who evolved into a well-known and sought-after orator in 19th-century America, has been referred to as the "Great Agnostic".

  • Some of the most well-known and historically important trackways are the Causey Mounth and Elsick Mounth.
  • The city is well known during the 4th century as a center of Christian activity (see also below), due to frequent imperial visits, and through the letters of the pagan scholar Libanius.
  • The country was a well-known tourist spot in the 1980s.
  • The well-known "Ranz des Vaches" (score; audio [...]) is a traditional Swiss melody often heard on the alphorn.
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