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NOUN   a width | widths
SYNO breadth | width
width {noun}широчина {ж}
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Translation for 'width' from English to Bulgarian

width {noun}
широчина {ж}
Usage Examples English
  • Total face width is the actual dimension of a gear blank including the portion that exceeds the effective face width, or as in double helical gears where the total face width includes any distance or gap separating right hand and left hand helices.
  • The rule for width subtyping is reversed: every tag appearing in the width subtype must appear in the width supertype.
  • The umbilicus, consistent with Coreena's general shell structure is also of medium width (relative to other Jardinella and Edgbastonia species) with width ranging from 0.22 to 0.4mm.
  • The width of the trailing edge should be 33% of the maximum width of the profiles. The width of the end plates to be around twice the maximum width of the rudder.
  • There is some ambiguity about the meaning of "seat width".
  • The font family includes 4 fonts in 2 weights (regular, bold) and 1 width (between normal and extended width), with complementary italic.
  • Additionally, it has a rectangular form with width to length ratio equal 1 : 2, and consists of three horizontal bands: blue (6/9 of width), white (1/9 of width) and red (2/9 of width).
  • 6 m width each, comprising 3 x 3.5 m width lanes, 0.5 m hard shoulder, 0.5 m marginal strip.
  • Further, though JIS X 0201 is a single-byte encoding (and displayed at half-width) and JIS X 0208 is a double-byte encoding (and displayed at full-width), there is no connection between number of bytes and width (other than those corresponding in Shift JIS, as above) – for example, Unicode can be encoded with four bytes (UTF-32) to display both full-width and single-width characters.
  • The Scalable Width is used to calculate the width of a high-resolution glyph on a printer, whereas the Device Width is used to calculate the width of a glyph on a display device.
  • Measurements of the 1/e2 width only depend on three points on the marginal distribution, unlike D4σ and knife-edge widths that depend on the integral of the marginal distribution.
  • A double-deck configuration was selected because of road levels on the approaches, and to avoid the excess width of foundations which a side-by-side arrangement would require.
  • Crack width is estimated as the product of crack band width and element strain.
  • There is a mechanism to control its width, both for casting characters and spaces.
  • Kampi !!width=8.75%|Liberal !!width=8.75%|Nacionalista !!width=8.75%|NPC !!width=8.75%|PDP-Laban !!width=8.75%|PRP !!width=8.75%|PMP !!width=8.75%|Ind.
  • The best known relationship between rank-width and clique-width is as follows: [...] , where "c" is the clique-width.
  • and width of [...]; and a cephalic region length of [...] and width of [...].
  • Architectural copper is generally used in sheet and strip. Strip is [...] or less in width, while sheet is over [...] in width, up to [...] in width by [...] in length, plus in coil form.
  • The width of the road varies greatly between places, from as narrow as [...] to as wide as [...] at Butcher's Cross, Hartfield.
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