Translation for 'wished for' from English to Bulgarian
wished for {adj} {past-p}желан
Partial Matches
for {prep}за
for starters {adv}първо
for starters {adv}най-напред
what for {adv}за какво
for allза всичко
to search for {verb}търся
to ask for {verb}моля за
for example {adv}например
to look for {verb}търся [несв.]
unverified to fend for sb. {verb}грижа се за нкг.
to fall for sb. {verb}влюбвам се в нкг. [несв.]
unverified for all that... {adv}въпреки, че...
to hanker for sth. {verb}копнея за нщ. [несв.]
to yearn for sth. {verb}копнея за нщ. [несв.]
to long for sth. {verb}копнея за нщ. [несв.]
to watch out for {verb}пазя се от
for instance {adv} <f.i.>например
penchant for sb./sth. {noun} слабост [увлечение] към нкг./нщ.
to commit sb. for trial {verb}предавам нкг. на съд
to hold sb. accountable for sth.държа нкг. отговорен за нщ.
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Usage Examples English
  • Dahmer had stated in his will that he wished for no services to be conducted and that he wished to be cremated.
  • Fox apparently wished for the character to remain "discreet"—hence the altered appearance.
  • Schwarzenegger's father Gustav was an athlete, and wished for his sons to become a champion in Bavarian curling.
  • Elytis never married her due to her commandeering manner and falsehoods she had spread surrounding various other individuals which irked him and although she had wished for this union to happen and bear progeny as she is an activist for children it did not.Iliopoulou is a spinster until this day.
  • Qi won every year and wished for good fortune for the Han dynasty.

  • By 1920, he was in a position to charge what he wished for film rentals.
  • The King thus told Anansi that he wished him to preach again the following Sunday, and he gave him a black suit that he wished for the Spider to wear when he did.
  • displayed a trait that he said he often wished for in his subjects: the ability to laugh at oneself".
  • Then he promised her that all the things she wished for she would have.
  • At this, Inachus understood Io's condition, and, lamenting, wished for death, but acknowledged his godly status made this an impossibility.

  • Time and again she wrote to Henry with complaints about her poverty and appeals for money and protection – she wished for ease and comfort instead of being obliged "to follow her son about like a poor gentlewoman".
  • She wished for her remains to be buried in her home province of Shandong, but in consideration of possible future vandalism to her tomb, the state decided to have her remains moved to a safer common cemetery in Beijing.
  • Minister of Colonies Jan Anne Jonkman defended the Linggadjati Agreement in Parliament in 1946 by stating that the government wished for New Guinea to remain under Dutch sovereignty, arguing it could be a settlement for Eurasians.
  • The second letter, addressed privately to Valens, assured that he wished for peace, but asked Valens to remain mobilized so that he, Fritigern, could convince his own people of maintaining the peace.
  • Once, he even went so far as to let his soul lay bare and be judged by the Panther God of Wakanda, who determined that he genuinely wished for a utopian future where humanity thrived, albeit one where he was in power.

  • Lowth's dogmatic assertions appealed to those who wished for certainty and authority in their language.
  • Some historians believe that Urban wished for the reunification of the eastern and western churches, a rift that was caused by the Great Schism of 1054.
  • Tanenbaum wished for MINIX to be as accessible as possible to students, but his publisher was unwilling to offer material (such as the source code) that could be copied freely, so a restrictive license requiring a nominal fee (included in the price of Tanenbaum's book) was applied as a compromise.
  • He wished for at least [...] of armament so that American fighters could dominate their battles against all opponents, fighters included.
  • The Houyhnhnms embody both the good and the bad side of reason, for they have the pure language Swift wished for and the amorally rational approach to solving the problems of humanity (Yahoos); the extirpation of the Yahoo population by the horses is very like the speaker of "A Modest Proposal".

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