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NOUN   a back pressure | back pressures
protutlačna turbina {f}
back-pressure turbine
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Translation for 'back-pressure' from English to Croatian

back-pressure turbine
protutlačna turbina {f}tehn.
Usage Examples English
  • At any given throttle, the thrust and efficiency of a rocket motor improves slightly with increasing altitude (because the back-pressure falls thus increasing net thrust at the nozzle exit plane), whereas with a turbojet (or turbofan) the falling density of the air entering the intake (and the hot gases leaving the nozzle) causes the net thrust to decrease with increasing altitude.
  • This captures soot but causes a reduction in fuel efficiency due to the back pressure created.
  • If the header flit is blocked in the network, the buffer fills up, and once full, no more flits can be sent: this effect is called "back-pressure" and can be propagated back to the source.
  • Turbo-superchargers do increase the exhaust back-pressure and thus do cause a very small decrease in engine power, but the power increase due to increased induction pressures more than makes up for that decrease.
  • Another technique is positive expiratory pressure physiotherapy that consists of providing a back pressure to the airways during expiration.
  • A thin membrane and a valve at the exhaust should be added to protect the turbopump from excessive back pressure (e.g. ...
  • The reclaimed gas is discharged from the helmet through a back-pressure regulator and returned to the surface through a hose in the umbilical which is provided for this purpose, passed through a scrubber to remove carbon dioxide, blended with oxygen to the required mix and repressurised for immediate re-use or stored for later use.
  • Flow of air through the helmet could be controlled by manually adjusting the back-pressure on the helmet exhaust valve, usually on the lower right side of the bonnet, and by manually adjusting the inlet supply valve on the airline, usually fastened to the front lower left of the corselet.
  • Should the pressure within the water supply system fall, the external water may be returned by back pressure into the drinking water system through the faucet.
  • In order to maintain level flight the pilot will apply back-pressure to the stick while the wings are banked.
  • For rockets, "absence of external forces" is taken to mean the absence of gravity and atmospheric drag, as well as the absence of aerostatic back pressure on the nozzle, and hence the vacuum I [...] is used for calculating the vehicle's delta-"v" capacity via the rocket equation.
  • Although many 2-way valves are made in which the flow can go in either direction between the two ports, when a valve is placed into a certain application, flow is often expected to go from one certain port on the upstream side of the valve, to the other port on the downstream side. Pressure regulators are variations of valves in which flow is controlled to produce a certain downstream pressure, if possible.
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