Translation for 'why' from English to Croatian
NOUN   why | whys
SYNO wherefore | why
zašto {adv}why
zaća {adv} [dalm.]why
zakaj {adv} [zagor.]why
Zašto ne?Why not?
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Translation for 'why' from English to Croatian

zašto {adv}

zaća {adv} [dalm.]

zakaj {adv} [zagor.]

Why not?
Zašto ne?
Usage Examples English
  • Just as explanatory reasons explain why some descriptive fact obtains (or came to obtain), normative reasons on this view explain why some normative facts obtain, i.e., they explain why some state of affairs ought to come to obtain (e.g., why someone should act or why some event ought to take place).
  • Michael and Joyce Huesemann caution against the hubris of large-scale techno-fixes In the book "Techno-Fix: Why Technology Won't Save Us Or the Environment" they show why negative unintended consequences of science and technology are inherently unavoidable and unpredictable, why counter-technologies or techno-fixes are no lasting solutions, and why modern technology in current context does not promote sustainability but instead collapse.
  • He would attempt to comfort her, "Hannah, why are you weeping?
  • Syndicated film critic Stephen Whitty was wholly negative, asking "why did this film get made?
  • Sid and Charlie set out to find why the old style crusty bread loaves have disappeared. Why aren't they baked any more if people still want them?

  • Criminologists in Sweden don't know why there was a strong increase and why Sweden has a much higher rate than countries close by.
  • It's unknown why they were so far off Howth Head and why they didn't sail for nearby protected Howth Harbour.
  • Nalini Ambady conducted a vast number of research to understand how and why individuals develop racial biases and why they stereotype others.
  • "Why Marriage Matters" was Freedom to Marry's national public education campaign.
  • Kallis, G. 2019. Limits. Why Malthus was wrong and why environmentalists should care. Palo Alto: Stanford University Press.

  • The second track ‘Enduku’(Why?) was released on 8 January 2019, questioning why did NTR marry Lakshmi Parvathi.
  • West disses shoe company Nike with the lines: "Why, why, why?
  • In August 2017, Alter appeared on the "PBS Newshour" explaining why smartphones can be so addictive and why it is worth reducing usage.
  • The film questions why destiny plays games with people's lives. Its title "Yaen", meaning "why", refers to this.
  • 4. Why have government officials not formally answered any of our questions to clarify why and how these mass killings occurred?

  • This analysis also unveils why Lord’s story appears paradoxical, and why generations of statisticians have found it perplexing.
  • When she met the Five she wanted to know more about them. Why Sterre always wears gloves, why Raphael always wears headphones, why Anastacia always wears sunglasses, why Pim sprays deodorant all the time, what happens to him when his alarm goes off, and why Marcel puts Sambal on everything.
  • Joseph Tamney and his colleagues conducted a study to create a model representing the reasons why or why not individuals support legalised abortion in the American population.
  • In 2014 the society launched the Starling Murmuration Survey to study why starlings murmurate and thus inform research into why this species is in decline.
  • This explains why [...] is sometimes larger than [...] and also why it is rare for this to happen.

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