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NOUN   jurisprudence | -
SYNO jurisprudence | law | legal philosophy
jurisprudence {noun}
právnictví {n}
jurisprudence {noun}
jurisprudence {f}
jurisprudence {noun}
právní věda {f}
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Translation for 'jurisprudence' from English to Czech

jurisprudence {noun}
právnictví {n}právo

jurisprudence {f}právo

právní věda {f}právo
Usage Examples English
  • It was reopened in 2003–2004 after being closed by Saddam Hussein's regime in 1991, the Faculty of Jurisprudence is the first established in Al-Najaf, in 1958.
  • Each sect developed distinct jurisprudence schools ("madhhab") reflecting different methodologies of jurisprudence ("fiqh").
  • He has also sought to re-define relations between jurisprudence and sociology, reformulating the idea of a sociological jurisprudence, and has argued that the role of jurists must be value-oriented rather than merely technical.
  • He was educated in Islamic jurisprudence, principles of jurisprudence, and philosophy in the Haqqani seminary in Qom.
  • Paton's major published work, "A Text-Book of Jurisprudence", appeared in 1946 and went through further editions.
  • In 1999, 15 years after Stone's death, the University of Sydney established an institute of jurisprudence which was named after him, the Julius Stone Institute of Jurisprudence.
  • In Turkey, orthoprax Twelvers following Ja'fari jurisprudence are called Ja'faris. Although the Qizilbash are also Twelvers, their practices do not adhere to Ja'fari jurisprudence.
  • Several of Raz's students became legal and moral philosophers, including two current professors in jurisprudence at Oxford, Leslie Green and Timothy Endicott, and the former professor of jurisprudence John Gardner.
  • Circuit subsequently expanded administrative law jurisprudence significantly, particularly jurisprudence on informal rulemaking that enhanced judicial review of agency procedures.
  • Political jurisprudence can also be seen as a discipline of law.
  • Although being occupied with worship most of the time, he sometimes taught jurisprudence, principles of jurisprudence, and mathematics in books such as "Sharh al-lum'a al-Dimashqiyya", "Ma'alim al-din" and "Khulasat al-hisab".
  • The Twelver jurisprudence is called "Jaʽfari jurisprudence".
  • The prize came to be awarded alternately for medical jurisprudence and general jurisprudence.
  • He studied engineering and medicine, and then jurisprudence, in Berlin, Rostock, Zürich and Jena. In 1933 he became a Doctor of Jurisprudence.
  • She was a founder of the legal field of feminist jurisprudence, and coined the term feminist jurisprudence in 1977.
  • Also, a full course of Quranic jurisprudence in all subjects of Islamic jurisprudence has been recorded.
  • With John Paris he wrote "Medical Jurisprudence" published in 1823. It was awarded the first Swiney Prize for works on jurisprudence; and it remained the only guide on the subject for many years.
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