Translation for 'knowing' from English to Czech
ADJ   knowing | more knowing | most knowing
VERB   to know | knew | known
knowing | knows
SYNO intentional | knowing | knowledgeable | ...
knowing {noun}vědomost {f}
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Translation for 'knowing' from English to Czech

knowing {noun}
vědomost {f}
Usage Examples English
  • Metacognition is defined as "cognition about cognition", or "knowing about knowing." It has been suggested that metacognition in some animals provides evidence for cognitive self-awareness.
  • Knowledge may be seen as multi-aspectual knowing. For example, analytical knowing gives categories and theories, formative knowing gives skills, lingual knowing gives 'bodies of knowledge' as found in libraries, and so on.
  • Raja on knowing about the problem, decides to help the couple unite with the approval of their family members.
  • The essence of the proposal involved three necessary types of learning and respective types of teaching: knowing "what", knowing "how", and knowing "why": One of these was lacking from present-day practice after kindergarten and first grade.
  • Knowing how well Monk solves cases, Slade hired him and Natalie and set them to work. He was trying to keep them busy and prevent them from knowing what was going on.

  • Not knowing which direction the market will go (only knowing the probability of the directions), we expect to make the most money with the stock vehicle.
  • Strategic knowledge involves knowing "what" (factual or declarative knowledge), knowing "when and why" (conditional or contextual knowledge) and knowing "how" (procedural or methodological knowledge).
  • A distinction deployed in "The Concept of Mind", between 'knowing-how' and 'knowing-that', has attracted independent interest.
  • Determining car accident fault requires knowing what happened at the accident.
  • A framework that addresses the gap is developed in which mentions four fundamentals of knowing being the experiential knowing, presentational knowing, propositional knowing and practical knowing.

  • What could be a promising start of happiness turns into a nightmare once Catarina, knowing about the will, decides to kill Antonio, without knowing he is actually her grandfather.
  • In terms of systems-centered therapy, the concept refers to the boundary between "apprehensive" knowing (non-verbal) and "comprehensive" knowing – what we can allow ourselves to formulate in words.
  • Other notable work draws on the idea that knowing God is akin to knowing a person, which is not reducible to knowing propositions about a person.
  • This component relates to noticing print, knowing how to handle a book, and knowing how to follow words on a page.
  • As can be seen, the judgment laid down two heads of liability: one based on receipt of trust property (knowing receipt) and the other on assisting with knowledge in a dishonest and fraudulent design (knowing assistance).

  • Raby said Sharma had acknowledged knowing Delano's reputation as a snitch, knowing that McCullah was notoriously violent, and knowing that the shared cell arrangement would "invariably" lead to an assault.
  • Postmodern psychology has also been linked to the Tetrad of Marshall McLuhan: "Tetradic logic" supposedly allowing us to accept knowing without knowing in the context of changingness.
  • The right ventral prefrontal cortex and the insular cortex are specific to "knowing that you don't know", whereas prefrontal regions are generally more specific to the feeling of knowing.
  • Sexual assault may be prevented by secondary school, college, With regard to campus sexual assault, nearly two thirds of students reported knowing victims of rape, and in one study over half reported knowing perpetrators of sexual assault; one in ten reported knowing a victim of rape; and nearly one in four reported knowing a victim of alcohol-facilitated rape.
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