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 Translation for 'Zn' from English to Danish
SYNO atomic number 30 | zinc | Zn
zinc <Zn>
zink {fk} {n} <Zn>
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Translation for 'Zn' from English to Danish

zinc <Zn>
zink {fk} {n} <Zn>kemimineral.
  • zink {fk} {n} <Zn> = zinc <Zn>
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Usage Examples English
  • A bounded operator on "H"2 is Toeplitz if and only if its matrix representation, in the basis {"zn", "n" ≥ 0}, has constant diagonals.
  • Sandia's roadmap includes another future Z machine version called ZN (Z Neutron) to test higher yields in fusion power and automation systems.
  • Only Zn/Ni (86%/14%) is an alloy while lower content of iron, cobalt and nickel leads to co-deposits.
  • Low valent organozinc compounds having a Zn–Zn bond are also known. The first such compound, decamethyldizincocene, was reported in 2004.
  • In the solid-state diethylzinc shows nearly linear Zn centres.

  • The system was used in all Capcom CP System Dash, CP System II titles and the Sony ZN-1 and ZN-2 hardware arcade games such as "Battle Arena Toshinden 2".
  • Sandia's roadmap includes another Z machine version called ZN (Z Neutron) to test higher yields in fusion power and automation systems.
  • Zn is present in the active sites of most hydrolytic enzymes, and is used as an electrophilic catalyst to activate water molecules that ultimately hydrolyze chemical bonds.
  • These include Zn(NH3)4Cl2·H2O and on concentration ZnCl2(NH3)2.
  • 6. Q1=P4=D5((zp.p'tl. f.t'q'. Q1=D1((t'.qsx:n. D5^Q5= zn.t'.z*.

  • The Zn-Ce flow battery is still in early stages of development.
  • Tsumcorite forms a series with helmutwinklerite as Zn replaces the Fe2+, with thometzekite as Cu replaces the Zn and Fe2+, and also with mawbyite.
  • The polymer is composed of Zn(dithiocarbamate)2 subunits linked by an ethylene (-CH2CH2-) backbone.
  • Decamethyldizincocene is an organozinc compound with the formula [...]. It is the first and an unusual example of a compound with a Zn-Zn bond.
  • ... "‘Ezana", unvocalized ዐዘነ "‘zn"; also spelled Aezana or Aizan) was ruler of the Kingdom of Aksum, an ancient kingdom located in what is now Eritrea and Ethiopia.

  • Gal4 N-terminus is a zinc finger and belongs to the Zn(2)-C6 fungal family. It forms a Zn – cysteines thiolate cluster, and specifically recognizes UAS [...] in GAL1 promoter.
  • Alsakharovite-Zn (IMA symbol: Ask-Zn) is an extremely rare alkaline strontium zinc titanium silicate mineral from the cyclosilicates class, with the chemical formula [...] , from alkaline pegmatites.
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