Translation for 'axis' from English to Danish
NOUN   an axis | axes
SYNO axis | axis of rotation | axis vertebra | ...
axisakse {fk}
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Translation for 'axis' from English to Danish

akse {fk}
Usage Examples English
  • Max Born (1920) and systematically Paul Gruner (1921) introduced symmetric Minkowski diagrams in German and French papers, where the ct'-axis is perpendicular to the x-axis, as well as the ct-axis perpendicular to the x'-axis (for sources and historical details, see Loedel diagram).
  • The Sri Lankan axis deer ("Axis axis ceylonensis") or Ceylon spotted deer is a subspecies of axis deer ("Axis axis") that inhabits only Sri Lanka.
  • A gyroscope has three axes: a spin axis, an input axis, and an output axis.
  • The rotation axis of the highest order is known as the principal rotation axis.
  • When a rigid body rotates around a fixed axis, its axis–angle data are a constant rotation axis and the rotation angle continuously dependent on time.

  • The steering axis angle is called caster angle when measured from vertical axis or head angle when measured from horizontal axis.
  • A spinning wheel is mounted in a gimbal frame whose axis of rotation (the precession axis) is perpendicular to the spin axis.
  • The usual way of orienting the plane, with the positive "x"-axis pointing right and the positive "y"-axis pointing up (and the "x"-axis being the "first" and the "y"-axis the "second" axis), is considered the "positive" or "standard" orientation, also called the "right-handed" orientation.
  • The heart has several axes, but the most common by far is the axis of the QRS complex (references to "the axis" imply the QRS axis).
  • Every rotation in 3D space has a fixed axis unchanged by rotation.

  • Leadhillite is biaxial (-) with the optical Z axis parallel to the crystallographic b axis, and the optical X axis inclined to the crystallographic c axis at an angle of -5.5°.
  • The spreading axis migrates westward at a rate of 0.3 cm/year.
  • The most important non-resonant CEAS techniques are off-axis ICOS (OA-ICOS) or off-axis CEAS (OA-CEAS), wavelength modulation off-axis CEAS (WM-OA-CEAS), off-axis phase-shift cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy (off-axis PS-CEAS).
  • Many problems in computational geometry allow for faster algorithms when restricted to (collections of) axis-oriented objects, such as axis-aligned rectangles or axis-aligned line segments.
  • A similar statement can be made about a [...] axis and the parallel centroidal [...] axis. Or, in general, any centroidal [...] axis and a parallel [...] axis.

  • -axis: that is, the area above the [...] -axis minus the area below the [...] -axis.
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