Translation for 'background color' from English to Dutch
NOUN   a background color | background colors
achtergrondkleur {de}background color [Am.]
Partial Matches
achtergrond {de}background
achtergrondinformatie {de}background information
achtergrondmuziek {de}
background music
familieachtergrond {de}
family background
op de achtergrond {adv}in the background
achtergrondkleur {de}background colour [Br.]
kleur {de}color [Am.]
huidskleur {de}skin color [Am.]
kleurvariatie {de}color variation [Am.]
hoofdkleur {de}main color [Am.]
haarkleur {de}hair color [Am.]
kleurenschema {het}color scheme [Am.]
huidkleur {de}skin color [Am.]
lievelings­kleur {de}favorite color [Am.]
kleurverloop {het}color gradient [Am.]
kleurnuance {de}color shade [Am.]
kleurentheorie {de}
color theory [Am.]
kleurensymboliek {de}color symbolism [Am.]
kleurenspectrum {het}color spectrum [Am.]
modekleur {de}fashionable color [Am.]
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Usage Examples English
  • Some harmless milk snake ("Lampropeltis triangulum") subspecies, the moderately toxic false coral snakes (genus "Erythrolamprus"), and the deadly coral snakes (genus "Micrurus") all have a red background color with black and white / yellow rings.
  • The structure provides a template from which windows may be created by specifying a window's icons, menu, background color and a few other features.
  • Post-print emphasis added by a reader is often done with highlighters which add a bright background color to usual black-on-white text.
  • Each frame can designate one index as a "transparent background color": any pixel assigned this index takes on the color of the pixel in the same position from the background, which may have been determined by a previous frame of animation.
  • On the keyboard shown, the round buttons at the top control software which can magnify the screen (zoom in), change the background color of the screen, or make the mouse cursor on the screen larger.

  • Between "Exile I" and "Exile II" the most notable difference is a background color change as well as a change to the border of the play window.
  • This renders the interior of glyphs in the background color, with a thin line around the edges of the glyphs.
  • Some systems allowed colored text to be displayed by varying the foreground and background color for each tile.
  • A pseudo-melanistic leopard has a normal background color, but the spots are more densely packed than normal, and merge to obscure the golden-brown background color.
  • Released on 20 November 1987, introduced blue as the editor's default background color, used by Borland's DOS compilers until the end of this product line in the mid-1990s.

  • There are three sizes of pen width, plus an eraser and a background color change feature in some models.
  • A convenient way to create a complex image is to start with a blank "canvas" raster map (an array of pixels, also known as a bitmap) filled with some uniform background color and then "draw", "paint" or "paste" simple patches of color onto it, in an appropriate order.
  • The background color represents the color of the connector body.
  • They are independently scrollable and the background color of the top playfield "shines through" to the underlying playfield.
  • The graphics resolution, color palettes, and background color can be adjusted between scan lines.

  • The background color of the can or bottle is light beige in color.
  • This protocol allowed for text and cursor positioning as well as defining foreground and background color attributes for the text.
  • 5:1 between the relative luminance of text and its background color or at least 3:1 for large text.
  • style ="background-color: #aaffaa;"|District area!!
  • The background color is blue for [...] values of "n", gold for [...] values.

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