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NOUN   a nickel atom | nickel atoms
nikkelatoom {het}
nickel atom
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Translation for 'nickel atom' from English to Dutch

nickel atom
nikkelatoom {het}chem.
Usage Examples English
  • Hydrogen hardens nickel (as it does most metals), inhibiting dislocations in the nickel atom crystal lattice from sliding past one another.
  • to the nickel atom. Both can be formed by the exposure of the powdered metal to carbon monoxide gas at temperatures of around 75 degrees Celsius.
  • The pores easily take up six atoms per unit cell, as a hexagonal arrangement in the pores, with each neon atom close to a nickel atom.
  • The nitronickelates are a class of chemical compounds containing a nickel atom complexed by nitro groups, -NO2.
  • The nickel atom can be in a range of oxidation states from +2, +3 to +4.
  • The simplest Fe–Ni clusters are of one iron atom and one nickel atom bonded together.
  • Each nickel atom is octahedrally coordinated to six arsenic atoms, while each arsenic atom is trigonal prismatically coordinated to six nickel atoms.
  • The tetrabromonickelate anion contains a doubly-charged nickel atom (Ni2+) surrounded by four bromide ions in a tetrahedral arrangement. The formula is [...]2−.
  • They form a series of double salts, and include clusters with multiple nickel atoms.
  • The cyanonickelates are a class of chemical compound containing anions consisting of nickel atoms, and cyanide groups.
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