Translation for 'ninety-three' from English to Esperanto
SYNO 93 | ninety-three | xciii
naŭdek trininety-three
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Translation for 'ninety-three' from English to Esperanto

naŭdek tri
Usage Examples English
  • Like many liberal professors in Germany, Harnack welcomed World War I in 1914, and signed a public statement endorsing Germany's war-aims (the Manifesto of the Ninety-Three).
  • Ninety-three percent of undergraduate faculty have doctorates or other terminal degrees in their field.
  • Midhat Pasha, and the Ottoman governing deposed him on 31 August 1876, after reigning for only ninety-three days on the grounds that he was mentally ill.
  • Students represent about 30 states and about 35 countries. Ninety-three percent of students live on campus in dormitories, theme houses, Greek housing, or apartment buildings.
  • In 1802, Fowler donated ninety-three acres of land near Carlisle, Kentucky, to the Concord Presbyterian Church.

  • It has a total of ninety-three audio tracks.
  • 5 percent 65 or over. Ninety-three percent of the population was white and 4 percent Hispanic or Latino.
  • The War in the Vendée is the subject of "Ninety-Three" ("Quatrevingt-treize"), the last novel by the French writer Victor Hugo, an episode in "Mr.
  • With ninety-three inhabitants per square kilometre, Austria has a population density similar to that of the former Yugoslavia.
  • Klein was one of ninety-three signatories of the Manifesto of the Ninety-Three, a document penned in support of the German invasion of Belgium in the early stages of World War I.

  • A total of 132 segments have been released across ninety-three web episodes and the thirteen episodes (39 segments) of the television series.
  • On 8 October 1991, ninety-three members of Bulgaria's National Assembly — virtually all of them affiliated with the former Communist Party — asked the constitutional court to declare the DPS unconstitutional citing article 11.4 of the constitution which explicitly bans political parties "formed on ethnic, racial, and religious basis".
  • France was by far the most important country of Jedburgh operations. Ninety-three teams were inserted into France.
  • In 1914, Ehrlich signed the Manifesto of the Ninety-Three which was a defense of Germany's World War I politics and militarism.
  • 93 (ninety-three) is the natural number following 92 and preceding 94.

  • This announcement was quickly followed by the arrest of ninety-three people suspected of being close to Lin, and within a month of Lin's disappearance over 1,000 senior Chinese military officials were purged.
  • It is not related to the Saab 93 ("ninety-three"), a car produced by Saab from 1955 until 1960.
  • Gilbreth died of a stroke on January 2, 1972, in Phoenix, Arizona at the age of ninety-three. [...] Her ashes were scattered at sea.
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