Translation for 'normally' from English to Esperanto
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normale {adv}normally
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Translation for 'normally' from English to Esperanto

normale {adv}
Usage Examples English
  • The adjective for a treasury is normally treasurial. The adjective "tresorial" can also be used, but this normally means pertaining to a "treasurer".
  • Minor competitions usually start in late March, normally with a break in June for exams by which time league games pre-quarter final will normally have been completed.
  • Usually classified into normally open (NO)and normally closed (NC)valves.
  • Many things actually are normally distributed, or very close to it.
  • While on duty, military personnel are normally required to wear a military uniform, normally showing their name, rank and military branch.

  • Children aged under 18 can normally be naturalized alongside their parent, if resident in Slovenia. Those aged 14 or over must normally give their own consent.
  • Sparring is normally distinct from fights in competition, the goal of sparring normally being the education of the participants.
  • The non-powered behaviour of this piezoelectric motor is one of two options: "normally locked" or "normally free".
  • The money deposited normally can be withdrawn before maturity, but a significant penalty will normally be payable.
  • Based on their initial mode, microvalves can be divided into normally open, normally closed and bistable microvalves.

  • Diagnosis is normally made by thoracotomy and biopsy. The regional lymph nodes are normally removed as these may show evidence of spread.
  • Those adapters include "PET" (normally only used on the PET/CBM2), "Hummer" (normally only used on the C64DTV) and "OEM" (normally only used on the VIC20).
  • This normally involves cropping the image to a square and straightening it.
  • The latter requirement will normally only be met by constitutional complaints against judgments and against acts of the executive. Laws are normally not self-executing.
  • Note that although it would apply, .mpg does not normally append raw AAC or AAC in MPEG-2 Part 7 Containers. The .aac extension normally denotes these audio files.

  • Normally, no yeast or trichomonas are found on the slide. White blood cells and clue cells are normally absent or very low in number.
  • are normally distributed and independent, this implies they are "jointly normally distributed", i.e., the pair [...] must have multivariate normal distribution.
  • Soldiers normally remove headgear while indoors; however, soldiers who are under arms normally wear their headgear indoors, with a few exceptions.
  • Coaches are normally built to [...] high, while 'highbridge' buses are normally about [...] taller. Articulated double-deckers are also allowed at a maximum length of [...].
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