Translation for 'aberration' from English to Finnish
NOUN   an aberration | aberrations
SYNO aberrance | aberrancy | aberration | ...
poikkeama {noun}aberration
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Translation for 'aberration' from English to Finnish

poikkeama {noun}
Usage Examples English
  • Lens aberration tool can be used for correcting the effects of physical lens imperfections like peripheral illumination, distortion and chromatic aberration.
  • However, Brewster's description with a purple fringe on one edge and a green fringe on the other is a "lateral" chromatic aberration.
  • Aberration-corrected STEM was demonstrated with 1.9 Å resolution in 1997 and soon after in 2000 with roughly 1.36 Å resolution.
  • As chromatic aberration is complex (due to its relationship to focal length, etc.) some camera manufacturers employ lens-specific chromatic aberration appearance minimization techniques.
  • Simple lenses are prone to aberrations, especially chromatic aberration.

  • One solution is to reduce the aberration by using multiple elements of different types of glass.
  • is particularly good but has some residual spherical aberration at full aperture.
  • The first is a third-order aberration, which occurs for objects (or parts of objects) away from the optical axis.
  • AO systems can correct for the sample aberration but also for the microscope and spherical aberration introduced by index mismatch.
  • The accommodative response of the eye results in changes to the lens shape and substantially affects the wavefront aberration pattern.

  • Diurnal aberration is caused by the velocity of the observer on the surface of the rotating Earth.
  • An aplanatic condenser corrects for spherical aberration in the concentrated light path, while an achromatic compound condenser corrects for both spherical and chromatic aberration.
  • "Acraea trimeni" was described as a form or aberration of "Acraea barberi".
  • Lenses do not form perfect images, and a lens always introduces some degree of distortion or "aberration" that makes the image an imperfect replica of the object.
  • In 1668 Isaac Newton builds his own reflecting telescope, the first fully functional of this kind, and a landmark for future developments as it reduces spherical aberration with no chromatic aberration.

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