Translation for 'ability to fly' from English to Finnish
lentokyky {noun}ability to fly
Partial Matches
työkyky {noun}ability to work
sopeutuvuus {noun}ability to adapt
näkökyky {noun}ability to see
villakärpänen {noun} [Bombylius major]
large bee-fly / bee fly
lahjakkuus {noun}ability
kyvykkyys {noun}ability
työkyky {noun}working ability
kärpänen {noun}
punakärpässieni {noun} [Amanita muscaria]
fly agaric
kärpäsentoukka {noun}
fly larva
mäkäräinen {noun}
black fly
hyttysverkko {noun} [ikkunassa]fly screen
liputtaato fly a flag
heittosukkula {noun} [kudonta]
fly shuttle [weaving]
sukkulanheittolaite {noun} [kudonta]
fly shuttle device [weaving]
lentokieltoalue {noun}
no-fly zone <NFZ>
vuoksi {adv}owing to
lähes {adv}close to
halutato want (to)
täytyäto have to
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Usage Examples English
  • These include his ability to fly, and possibly his durability and strength (which is several times that of an Atlantean).
  • A high angle of attack setting results in more power from the kite, but at the expense of speed and ability to fly close to the wind.
  • Moult is prolonged in all tubenoses, since they must maintain an ability to fly.
  • Spraying the bugs' wings with a sticky substance before release may hinder their ability to fly.
  • They are sometimes considered to present a unique hazard, due to their ability to fly in many directions other than vertically.

  • This pill bestowed upon Li the ability to fly at amazing speeds.
  • The disproportionate number of rails in this list reflects the tendency of that family to lose the ability to fly when geographically isolated.
  • For instance, non-ornithuromorph birds have been abundantly demonstrated to have had slow growth rates, megapode-like egg burying behavior and the ability to fly soon after birth.
  • ", and Mario's ability to fly has been a feature in games such as "Super Mario World", "Super Mario 64" and "Super Mario Galaxy".
  • Zetes and Calais were credited with very delicate and graceful hair, which was said to give them the ability to fly.

  • Despite being more or less entirely humanized in more recent stories, Ellsworth retains his ability to fly, a unique trait among the central Disney funny animal cast.
  • Like many species that colonise remote islands with few predators, it lost much of its predator avoidance behaviour, along with its ability to fly.
  • He can also move at super-speed, though he has yet to demonstrate the ability to fly, or any abilities related to light emission.
  • Back flying is the ability to fly on the back in a stable and controlled fashion.
  • 2 at high altitude and the ability to fly for long distances at Mach 0.85 at very low altitudes.

  • The latter included the superficially gull-like "Ichthyornis" and the Hesperornithiformes, which became so well adapted to hunting fish in marine environments that they lost the ability to fly and became primarily aquatic.
  • UCAVs are being designed such as the BAE Systems Mantis which would have the ability to fly themselves, to pick their own course and target, and to make most decisions on their own.
  • The dodo lost the ability to fly owing to the lack of mammalian predators on Mauritius.
  • Including the ability to fly or hover as seen many times.
  • Most weevils have the ability to fly (including pest species such as the rice weevil), though a significant number are flightless, such as the genus "Otiorhynchus".

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