Translation for 'able' from English to Finnish
ADJ   able | abler | ablest
VERB   to able | abled | abled
abling | ables
SYNO able | able-bodied | capable
taitava {adj}able
pystyäbe able to
voidato be able to
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Translation for 'able' from English to Finnish

taitava {adj}

be able to
to be able to
Usage Examples English
  • Some mice, particularly the black-eared mouse ("Peromyscus melanotis"), are, like all rodents, able to tolerate large doses of cardenolides and are able to eat monarchs.
  • 1971-1976. Veszprém, Petőfi Theatre, where he was able to realise his longtime dream of being able to direct.
  • He was able to show composure while under pressure and impressed with his positional play.
  • With the creation of new naval vessels like the submarine, strategies like unrestricted warfare were able to be implemented and with the creation of oil based fuel, radar and radio navies were able to act more efficiently and effective since they were able to move faster, know where enemies were located and were able to communicate with ease.
  • Research has also examined whether non-human primates are able to conserve.

  • Structural, strategic and procedural analysis builds on rational actors, who are able to prioritize clear goals, are able to make trade-offs between conflicting values, are consistent in their behavioral pattern, and are able to take uncertainty into account.
  • Two men went overboard but were able to swim back to the boat.
  • Companies which support essential services are able to apply for an exception from the Attorney General to be able to operate.
  • In 2014, Congress passed the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act, laying the groundwork for ABLE accounts.
  • Smaller businesses were able to sell their products online and be able to promote it using internet advertisements.

  • Although women had been able to vote in the 1991 elections, they had not been able to stand as candidates. However, the 1994 elections saw women able to stand in seats in the Muscat Governorate.
  • Laurdan has the advantage of being able to be applied to living cells and therefore is able to provide information from complex membranes.
  • Clients are better able to eat, sleep, and function normally and live contentedly and securely.
  • October 11, 2008 in Minsk hosted the LGBT Pride, the motto of which was the slogan, "Be able to be! Be able to love! Be able to proud." The march was timed to the International Day of Coming out.
  • Other suffixes include "-able" (-able), "-isme" (-ism), and "-iste" (-ist).

  • Their appearance will drastically change, and players are also able to grade them up to grade 30.
  • On Saturday September 25, Genson was able to get Gillman's bail cut in half and he was able to post bail.
  • A pumping plant is used to be able to convert energy by using the flow of water to be able to have mechanical energy.
  • New Latin "lyticus" (from Greek "lutikos, "λυτικός), able to loosen, able to dissolve; to give "Lyticum", dissolver.
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