Translation for 'absent-mindedly' from English to Finnish
hajamielisesti {adv}absent-mindedly
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Translation for 'absent-mindedly' from English to Finnish

hajamielisesti {adv}
Usage Examples English
  • There is a rather interesting story about it: after the Sanskrit paper he absent-mindedly left the examination hall along with his answer paper, and was intercepted on his way home by a fellow student, following commotion at the examination hall on account of the missing answer paper.
  • Kate worries about being pregnant after her one night stand with Don and during a shout at a burning warehouse she absent-mindedly turns off the sprinkler system and endangers Kevin and Malcolm's lives and Nick furiously reprimands her.
  • It revolves around the lead singer and bass guitarist Tyson Ritter, standing absent-mindedly going through a series of personal problems (e.g. ...
  • The Moomin Family travel to the Island of the Hattifatteners on a boat they have found, and the Moominhouse is transformed into a jungle when Moominmamma absent-mindedly drops a ball of poisonous pink perennials into the hat.
  • Surrealism describes as "involuntary sculpture" those made by absent-mindedly manipulating something, such as rolling and unrolling a movie ticket, bending a paper clip, and so forth.

  • While she is absent-mindedly examining these, another doctor rushes into the room to inform them that Howard is still alive.
  • Decades later in 1987, during a class at the University of Pennsylvania, Dorothy Carlsson absent-mindedly doodles her wedding.
  • Dreams of absent-minded transgression (DAMT) are dreams wherein the dreamer absent-mindedly performs an action that he or she has been trying to stop (one classic example is of a quitting smoker having dreams of lighting a cigarette).
  • On the fifth episode of the fourth season of "Mad Men" (2010), "The Chrysanthemum and the Sword", as Sally Draper is watching an episode of the show at a sleepover, she is caught by her friend's mother absent-mindedly masturbating (apparently to David McCallum's Illya) while staring at the television.
  • After doing this several times he rides to the end of the line where Donald absent-mindedly labels him and puts a lid on him.

  • John Diefenbaker was a delegate to that convention and he wrote in his memoirs that Guthrie's candidacy was hurt when the former Liberal absent-mindedly declared in his speech to delegates that the Tory meeting was the "greatest Liberal convention in history".
  • The twenty-seventh parliament absent-mindedly increased its own life in 1946 when it was forgotten that because of the 24 to 25 September election in 1943 its three years of life ended on 11 October.
  • The Radhey Shyam Ramayana mentions that the crossing of Lakshamana Rekha by Sita was done absent-mindedly by an anxious Sita only to honour the Indian tradition of "Atithi Devo Bhava" : guests are to be accorded the respect of God himself.
  • Whilst cleaning her attic, she goes through her husband's effects and finds the charm that she absent-mindedly puts in the pocket of her skirt.
  • Spanky's father (Johnny Arthur) puts money in an envelope as an anniversary gift for his wife (Claudia Dell), then absent-mindedly uses the envelope as a bookmark.

  • The ITV British police drama "Heartbeat" 2006 episode "Dead Men Do Tell Tales" is about a nurse, Carol Cassidy (played by Lisa Kay), who rushes off to treat an emergency, but absent-mindedly leaves her medical bag in her car which contains dangerous drugs; Carol has to fight for her career when local boys steal the bag.
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