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NOUN   a case | cases
VERB   to case | cased | cased
casing | cases
SYNO case | caseful | casing | ...
sijamuoto {noun}
matkalaukku {noun}
laukku {noun}case [container]
2 Words
abessiivi {noun}
abessive case
ablatiivi {noun}
ablative case
akkusatiivi {noun}
accusative case
adessiivi {noun}
adessive case
allatiivi {noun}
allative case
rajatapaus {noun}borderline case
kameralaukku {noun}
camera case
komitatiivi {noun}
comitative case
datiivi {noun}
dative case
lasikko {noun}
display case
elatiivi {noun}
elative case
essiivi {noun}
essive case
genetiivi {noun}
genitiv case
illatiivi {noun}
illative case
inessiivi {noun}
inessive case
instruktiivi {noun}
instructive case
nominatiivi {noun}
nominative case
partitiivi {noun}
partitive case
penaali {noun}pencil case
ennakkotapaus {noun}
precedential case
lasikaappi {noun}
erityistapaus {noun}special case
käyttötapaus {noun}
use case
3 Words
oli miten oli {adv}in any case
joka tapauksessa {adv}in any case
joka tapauksessa {adv}in every case
Fiction (Literature and Film)
Tohtori Jekyll ja Mr. Hyde
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde [Robert Louis Stevenson]
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Usage Examples English
  • Being a prolific case writer, following six Case Centre awards for best selling cases, in 2014, Kumar received their prestigious 'Outstanding Contribution to the Case Method' Award.
  • The following are observations from Sigurðsson The relationship between morphological case and structural case is evident in how morphological case is subject to case agreement whereby the morphological case appearing on a DP must be licensed by the syntactic context of the DP.
  • Yakkha distinguishes the unmarked absolutive case, the ergative "-ŋa", the genitive "-ka/-ga", the locative "-pe/-be", the ablative case "-bhaŋ" and the comitative case "-nuŋ", and the instrumental case "-ŋa".
  • They can be set in different case styles (sentence case, title case all caps, small caps), even on a single pole.
  • The file system is case-insensitive and not case-preserving unless quotes are added around the name in which case it is case-sensitive and case-preserving.
  • Case by case: The Paris Club makes decisions on a case-by-case basis in order to tailor its action to each debtor country's individual situation.
  • The Schiavo case has been compared to the Karen Ann Quinlan case and Nancy Cruzan case, two landmark right-to-die cases.
  • Unicode defines case folding through the three case-mapping properties of each character: upper case, lower case, and title case (in this context, "title case" relates to ligatures and digraphs encoded as mixed-case single characters, in which the first component is in upper case and the second component in lower case).
  • A billboard along Highway 47 detailing the case was created, in hopes of receiving tips on the case, with some success.
  • ProMach acquired Wexxar Packaging of Delta, British Columbia, Canada, provider of case erecting, case forming, and case sealing machinery.
  • Organized different mass rallies at national level after the "Riddles" march case, Rohith Vemula suicide case, Ambedkar Bhavan demolition case, Unna Dalit atrocity case and 2018 Bhima Koregaon violence case.
  • In Perera's career as a criminal lawyer he appeared for some well known cases such as Galle Face flats murder case, Turf Club robbery and murder case, Matara Police Station murder case and Dematagoda acid bath murder case.
  • On February 8, Liaoning Province notified 6 new confirmed cases of pneumonia by novel coronavirus infection, including 2 cases in Dalian City, 1 case is common type, 1 case is severe case; One case in Jinzhou City is a common type case, one case in Shenyang City and one case in Jinzhou City are all common type cases.
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