Translation for 'typical' from English to Finnish
ADJ   typical | more typical | most typical
SYNO distinctive | typical
tyypillinen {adj}typical
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Translation for 'typical' from English to Finnish

tyypillinen {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • The flora consists of a typical savanna and gallery forest landscape. Typical trees, up to thirty feet high, are: oil palm, mahogany, iroko and anthocleista procera.
  • This table contains typical daytime speed limits, in kilometres per hour, on typical roads in each category. The values shown are not necessarily the fastest or slowest posted limit.
  • Typical food, there are areas petanahan districts. It was sweet and typical, but already rare.
  • Both of the typical antipsychotic LAIs are inexpensive in comparison to the atypical LAIs.
  • Very much the typical spoof the film includes all the typical elements of the James Bond films, an evil genius villain, car chases, helicopters, gadgets and beautiful women.

  • Typical gastronomy in the region includes dishes such as fish soup, roast kid or "bucho recheado" (stuffed pig's stomach), besides typical honey cakes and rice pudding.
  • According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, one kilogram of soil typically contains the following amounts of the following three natural radioisotopes 370 Bq 40K (typical range 100–700 Bq), 25 Bq 226Ra (typical range 10–50 Bq), 25 Bq 238U (typical range 10–50 Bq) and 25 Bq 232Th (typical range 7–50 Bq).
  • For textile dying, a typical nitro coupling partner would be disodium 4,4′-dinitrostilbene-2,2′-disulfonate. Typical aniline partners are shown below.
  • Typical of Scriabin's piano sonatas, it is technically and musically demanding for the pianist. A typical performance lasts about 11 minutes.
  • The typical Pd-based catalyst is tetrakis(triphenylphosphine)palladium(0).

  • The building provides valuable evidence of typical timber construction techniques at the beginning of the 20th century.
  • This the typical wartime "reconnaissance regiment" (most typical being 2nd and 16th regiments), compared to earlier version it has part of horses replaced by Type 97 motorcycles.
  • Economists use the term representative agent to refer to the typical decision-maker of a certain type (for example, the typical consumer, or the typical firm).
  • It contains typical Ordovician microfossils, such as chitinozoa, acritarchs and spores, and its shelly fauna is also typical of this time period.
  • The title evokes the typical street-side apartment living of large eastern North American cities in general, and the winding staircases typical to Montreal in particular.

  • Inside, it has a typical Renaissance courtyard with a cloister and a marble well; the latter is a characteristic typical of gardens in Ferrara.
  • Clinical presentation is typical in only 50% to 75% of cases; many other conditions, such as mastitis or even cardiac insufficiency, can mimic the typical symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer.
  • We say that two sequences [...] and [...] are "jointly typical" if they lie in the jointly typical set defined above.
  • Typical cruising speed of CODAG warships on diesel-power is [...] and typical maximal speed with switched on turbine is [...].
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