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ADJ   together | more together | most together
SYNO in concert | together | unitedly
ensemble {adv}together
solidaire {adj}together
l'un à l'autre {adv}together
en tout {adv}together [in total]
en commun {adv}together <tog.>
2 Words: Others
tous ensemble {adv}all together [in a group]
tous en chœur {adv}all together [in chorus / unison]
entre accolades {adj}
bracketed together
regroupant {adj} {pres-p}bringing together
rassemblant {adj} {pres-p}bringing together
rapproché {adj} [espace, temps]close together
plié {adj} {past-p} [papier, carton]folded together
ficelé {adj} [spectacle]put together
conjointement avec {prep}together with
en compagnie de {prep}together with [accompanied by]
2 Words: Verbs
entrer en collisionto bang together
se fondre ensemble [couleurs, saveurs]to blend (together)
se mélangerto blend together
réunir qn./qc. [assembler]to bring sb./sth. together
regrouper qc. [personnes]to bring sth. together
entrer en collisionto bump together
réunir qn./qc. [convoquer]to call sb./sth. together
se cotiserto club together [Br.]
s'agglutinerto clump (together)
se regrouperto cluster together
s'agglutinerto cluster together
bricoler cobble sth. together [assemble clumsily]
se concerterto consult together
s'agglutinerto crowd together
réunir qc. [en tirant]to draw sth. together
to flow together [rivers]
fusionner qc. [idées]to fuse sth. together
regrouper qc. [personnes]to gather sth. together
réunir qc. [documents, papiers]to gather sth. together
réunir qn./qc. [assembler]to get sb./sth. together
se réunir [amis, parents]to get together
se combiner [couleurs]
to go together
s'unir [fig.] [couleurs]
to go together
regrouper qc. [objets, mots]to group sth. together
se regrouperto group together
se rejoindre [os]
to grow together [bones]
rassembler qc. [mouton, bétail]
to herd sth. together [sheep, cattle]
se regrouperto herd together
s'agglutinerto huddle together
remembrer join sth. together
se ressouder [os]
to knit (together)
se souder
to knit (together) [heal broken bones]
bricoler qc. [fam.] [péj.]to knock sth. together [coll.]
ligoter lash sth. together
vivre ensembleto live together
mettre sur pied qc. [créer]to pull sth. together [get off the ground] [idiom]
faire un effortto pull together
composer qc. [programme, menu]to put sth. together
assembler put sth. together [assemble]
rédiger qc. [bulletin]to put sth. together [e.g. newsletter]
river qc. [plaque]to rivet sth. together
faire blocto side together
agrafer staple sth. (together)
collerto stick together
s'agglutiner [matériaux]to stick together
être solidaireto stick together [coll.]
concocter qc. rapidement [compromis]
to stitch sth. together [coll.]
étudier de concert
to study together
travailler solidairementto work together
2 Words: Nouns
regroupement {m} [de personnes]bringing together
cueillette {f} [d'idées] [fig.]gathering together
regroupement {m} [de provinces]grouping together
vivre-ensemble {m}living together
assemblage {m} [de pièces, vêtement]
sewing together
3 Words: Others
à pieds joints {adv}with feet together
3 Words: Verbs
être scellé l'un à l'autreto be bound together [fig.]
être réuni à come together at sth.
bien se marierto come together nicely
trouver un terrain d'entente [loc.]to get it together [coll.] [idiom]
s'accorder [s'entendre]to get on together
s'accorder [couleurs]to go (together) well
se regrouper autour de group together around sb.
vivre à la colle [fam.]to live together with sb.
se mettre en ménageto move in together
se secouer [fam.]to pull oneself together
se reprendre [personne]to pull oneself together
concourir à work together towards sth.
3 Words: Nouns
cinq à sept {m} [can.] [fam.]
afternoon get-together [in Quebec] [similar to a happy hour, cocktail party, or wine and cheese, held approximately between 5 and 7 p.m.]
4 Words: Others
Toutes catégories confondues.All categories taken together.
Serrés comme des sardines en boîte. [loc.]Squashed together like sardines. [idiom]
4 Words: Verbs
être au point [spectacle, émission]to be well put together
mettre deux personnes en présenceto bring two people together
atteler deux wagons ensemble
to couple two carriages (together)
attacher les bouts ensembleto fasten the ends together
faire bon ménageto get on well together
se rejoindre en villeto get together in town
vivre à plusieursto live together with others
serrer les genouxto press one's knees together
réfléchir ensembleto put our heads together [confer]
échafauder un planto put together a plan
racler les fonds de tiroirs [loc.] [fig.]
to scrape some money together [idiom]
faire bloc (d'une seule voix) [loc.]to stand together as one
concourir à faire work together to do sth.
4 Words: Nouns
assemblage {m} des pièces par soudure
welding together of parts
5+ Words: Others
Si nous nous y mettons tous. [conférer]If we all put our heads together. [confer]
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ensemble {adv}

solidaire {adj}

l'un à l'autre {adv}
together [in total]
en tout {adv}
together <tog.>
en commun {adv}

all together [in a group]
tous ensemble {adv}
all together [in chorus / unison]
tous en chœur {adv}
bracketed together
entre accolades {adj}typ.
bringing together
regroupant {adj} {pres-p}

rassemblant {adj} {pres-p}

regroupement {m} [de personnes]
close together
rapproché {adj} [espace, temps]
folded together
plié {adj} {past-p} [papier, carton]
put together
ficelé {adj} [spectacle]
together with
conjointement avec {prep}
together with [accompanied by]
en compagnie de {prep}

to bang together
entrer en collision
to blend (together)
se fondre ensemble [couleurs, saveurs]
to blend together
se mélanger
to bring sb./sth. together
réunir qn./qc. [assembler]
to bring sth. together
regrouper qc. [personnes]
to bump together
entrer en collision
to call sb./sth. together
réunir qn./qc. [convoquer]
to club together [Br.]
se cotiser
to clump (together)
to cluster together
se regrouper

to cobble sth. together [assemble clumsily]
bricoler qc.
to consult together
se concerter
to crowd together
to draw sth. together
réunir qc. [en tirant]
to flow together [rivers]
to fuse sth. together
fusionner qc. [idées]
to gather sth. together
regrouper qc. [personnes]

réunir qc. [documents, papiers]
to get sb./sth. together
réunir qn./qc. [assembler]
to get together
se réunir [amis, parents]
to go together
se combiner [couleurs]arts

s'unir [fig.] [couleurs]arts
to group sth. together
regrouper qc. [objets, mots]
to group together
se regrouper
to grow together [bones]
se rejoindre [os]anat.méd.
to herd sth. together [sheep, cattle]
rassembler qc. [mouton, bétail]agr.
to herd together
se regrouper
to huddle together
to join sth. together
remembrer qc.
to knit (together)
se ressouder [os]méd.
to knit (together) [heal broken bones]
se souderméd.
to knock sth. together [coll.]
bricoler qc. [fam.] [péj.]
to lash sth. together
ligoter qc.
to live together
vivre ensemble
to pull sth. together [get off the ground] [idiom]
mettre sur pied qc. [créer]
to pull together
faire un effort
to put sth. together
composer qc. [programme, menu]
to put sth. together [assemble]
assembler qc.
to put sth. together [e.g. newsletter]
rédiger qc. [bulletin]
to rivet sth. together
river qc. [plaque]
to side together
faire bloc
to staple sth. (together)
agrafer qc.
to stick together

s'agglutiner [matériaux]
to stick together [coll.]
être solidaire
to stitch sth. together [coll.]
concocter qc. rapidement [compromis]pol.
to study together
étudier de concertéduc.
to work together
travailler solidairement

gathering together
cueillette {f} [d'idées] [fig.]
grouping together
regroupement {m} [de provinces]
living together
vivre-ensemble {m}
sewing together
assemblage {m} [de pièces, vêtement]textilevêt.

with feet together
à pieds joints {adv}

to be bound together [fig.]
être scellé l'un à l'autre
to come together at sth.
être réuni à qc.
to come together nicely
bien se marier
to get it together [coll.] [idiom]
trouver un terrain d'entente [loc.]
to get on together
s'accorder [s'entendre]
to go (together) well
s'accorder [couleurs]
to group together around sb.
se regrouper autour de qn.
to live together with sb.
vivre à la colle [fam.]
to move in together
se mettre en ménage
to pull oneself together
se secouer [fam.]

se reprendre [personne]
to work together towards sth.
concourir à qc.

afternoon get-together [in Quebec] [similar to a happy hour, cocktail party, or wine and cheese, held approximately between 5 and 7 p.m.]
cinq à sept {m} [can.] [fam.]cuis.

All categories taken together.
Toutes catégories confondues.
Squashed together like sardines. [idiom]
Serrés comme des sardines en boîte. [loc.]

to be well put together
être au point [spectacle, émission]
to bring two people together
mettre deux personnes en présence
to couple two carriages (together)
atteler deux wagons ensembletrains
to fasten the ends together
attacher les bouts ensemble
to get on well together
faire bon ménage
to get together in town
se rejoindre en ville
to live together with others
vivre à plusieurs
to press one's knees together
serrer les genoux
to put our heads together [confer]
réfléchir ensemble
to put together a plan
échafauder un plan
to scrape some money together [idiom]
racler les fonds de tiroirs [loc.] [fig.]fin.
to stand together as one
faire bloc (d'une seule voix) [loc.]
to work together to do sth.
concourir à faire qc.

welding together of parts
assemblage {m} des pièces par souduretech.

If we all put our heads together. [confer]
Si nous nous y mettons tous. [conférer]
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