Translation for 'about' from English to French
SYNO about | almost | approximately | ...
environ {adv}about [approximately]
vers {prep}about [temporal]
à peu près {adv}about [approximately]
approximativement {adv}about [approximately]
à la louche {adv} [fam.]about [approximately]
rapport à {prep}about [concerning]
au sujet de {prep}about [concerning]
plus ou moins {adv}about [more or less]
dans {adv} [les trente]about [thirty]
2 Words: Others
vers midi {adv}about noon
prudent sur qc. {adj}cautious about sth.
accro à qc. {adj} [fam.] [musique, sport, régal]crazy about sth.
enthousiasmé par qc. {adj}enthusiastic about sth.
Il s'agit de qn./qc.It's about sb./sth.
presque {adv}just about
à la louche {adv} [fam.]just about
à peu près {adv} [tout juste]just about
péniblement {adv} [tout juste]just about
optimiste sur qc. {adj}optimistic about sth.
féru (de) {adj}passionate (about)
environ {adv}round about
qn. s'est lamenté sur complained about sth.
2 Words: Verbs
faire demi-tourto about-face [Am.]
faire demi-tourto about-turn
s'accorder sur agree about sth.
prendre des nouvelles de qn./ ask about sb./sth.
se renseigner auprès de qn. sur qn./ ask sb. about sb./sth.
s'agir de be about sth.
porter sur qc. [débat, article] [concerner]to be about sth.
râler contre qn./qc. [fam.]to beef about sb./sth. [Am.] [coll.]
râler contre qc. [fam.] [ronchonner]to beef about sth. [coll.] [complain]
se vanter de boast about sth.
se glorifier de boast about sth.
s'enorgueillir de boast about sth.
mener qn. par le bout du nez [loc.]to boss sb. about
se soucier de qn./ bother about sb./sth.
se tracasser au sujet de bother about sth.
se vanter (de qc.)to brag (about sth.)
crâner avec qc. [fam.]to brag about sth. [coll.]
amener qc. [renouveau]to bring about sth.
amener bring sth. about
opérer qc. [produire]to bring sth. about
causer qc. [provoquer]to bring sth. about
apporter qc. [soulagement]to bring sth. about
induire qc. [événement, mesures, phénomène]to bring sth. about
provoquer qc. [changement]to bring sth. about [e.g. change]
cabriolerto caper about
se soucier de qn./ care about sb./sth.
œuvrer pour care about sth.
avoir le souci de care about sth.
se donner de la peine pour care about sth.
être soucieux de qc. [qualité, avenir]to care about sth.
pinailler sur qc. [fam.]to cavil about sth. [pej.]
plaisanter qn. sur qc,to chaff sb. about sth. [tease]
se plaindre de qn./ complain about sb./sth.
conférer de confer about sth.
désabuser qn./qc. de disabuse sb./sth. about sth.
tergiverser sur dither about sth.
rêver de qn./ dream about sb./sth.
s'informer de / sur qn./ enquire about sb./sth. [Br.]
traînasser [péj.]to faff about [Br.] [coll.] [pej.]
fantasmer (sur qc.)to fantasise (about sth.) [Br.]
fantasmer (sur qc.)to fantasize (about sth.)
glander [fam.] [péj.] [s'occuper futilement]to fart about [vulg.] [pej.] [waste one's time]
pendillerto flap about
voltiger [voler çà et là]to flit about
faire le guignolto fool about
faire les fous [fam.]to fool about
folâtrerto frolic (about)
se déplacer [personne]to get about
se répandre [nouvelles]to get about
jaser (sur) [médire]to gossip (about)
se plaindre (de qc.)to gripe (about sth.) [coll.]
tâtonnerto grope about
épiloguer sur grouse about sth.
trouver à redire à qn./ grumble about sb./sth.
maugréer contre grumble about sth.
pinailler sur qc. [fam.]to grumble about sth.
chipoter qc. [fam.] [marchander]to haggle about sth.
chipoter sur qc. [fam.] [marchander]to haggle about sth.
glandouiller [fam.] [ne rien faire]to hang about [coll.]
flâner [ne rien faire]to hang about [idiom] [do nothing]
faire le guignolto horse about [coll.]
chahuterto horse about [coll.] [fig.]
avertir qn. de qc. [informer]to inform sb. about sth.
prendre des nouvelles de qn./ inquire about sb./sth.
s'informer de / sur qn./ inquire about sb./sth. [Am.]
s'inquiéter de inquire about sth.
avertir qn. de qc. [informer]to instruct sb. about sth.
plaisanter sur qn./ joke about sb./sth.
sautillerto jump about [Br.]
rouler sa bosse [fam.]to knock about [coll.]
bousculer qn. [volontairement]to knock sb. about
être au courant de know about sth.
batifoler [fam.]to lark about [fam.]
se rire de qn./ laugh about sb./sth.
fainéanterto laze about
tirer sa flemmeto laze about
coincer la bulle [fam.]to laze about
avoir les doigts de pied en éventail [fam.]to laze about
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Translation for 'about' from English to French

about [approximately]
environ {adv}

à peu près {adv}

approximativement {adv}

à la louche {adv} [fam.]
about [temporal]
vers {prep}
about [concerning]
rapport à {prep}

au sujet de {prep}
about [more or less]
plus ou moins {adv}
about [thirty]
dans {adv} [les trente]

about noon
vers midi {adv}
cautious about sth.
prudent sur qc. {adj}
crazy about sth.
accro à qc. {adj} [fam.] [musique, sport, régal]
enthusiastic about sth.
enthousiasmé par qc. {adj}
It's about sb./sth.
Il s'agit de qn./qc.
just about
presque {adv}

à la louche {adv} [fam.]

à peu près {adv} [tout juste]

péniblement {adv} [tout juste]
optimistic about sth.
optimiste sur qc. {adj}
passionate (about)
féru (de) {adj}
round about
environ {adv}
sb. complained about sth.
qn. s'est lamenté sur qc.

to about-face [Am.]
faire demi-tour
to about-turn
faire demi-tour
to agree about sth.
s'accorder sur qc.
to ask about sb./sth.
prendre des nouvelles de qn./qc.
to ask sb. about sb./sth.
se renseigner auprès de qn. sur qn./qc.
to be about sth.
s'agir de qc.

porter sur qc. [débat, article] [concerner]
to beef about sb./sth. [Am.] [coll.]
râler contre qn./qc. [fam.]
to beef about sth. [coll.] [complain]
râler contre qc. [fam.] [ronchonner]
to boast about sth.
se vanter de qc.

se glorifier de qc.

s'enorgueillir de qc.
to boss sb. about
mener qn. par le bout du nez [loc.]
to bother about sb./sth.
se soucier de qn./qc.
to bother about sth.
se tracasser au sujet de qc.
to brag (about sth.)
se vanter (de qc.)
to brag about sth. [coll.]
crâner avec qc. [fam.]
to bring about sth.
amener qc. [renouveau]
to bring sth. about
amener qc.

opérer qc. [produire]

causer qc. [provoquer]

apporter qc. [soulagement]

induire qc. [événement, mesures, phénomène]
to bring sth. about [e.g. change]
provoquer qc. [changement]
to caper about
to care about sb./sth.
se soucier de qn./qc.
to care about sth.
œuvrer pour qc.

avoir le souci de qc.

se donner de la peine pour qc.

être soucieux de qc. [qualité, avenir]
to cavil about sth. [pej.]
pinailler sur qc. [fam.]
to chaff sb. about sth. [tease]
plaisanter qn. sur qc,
to complain about sb./sth.
se plaindre de qn./qc.
to confer about sth.
conférer de qc.
to disabuse sb./sth. about sth.
désabuser qn./qc. de qc.
to dither about sth.
tergiverser sur qc.
to dream about sb./sth.
rêver de qn./qc.
to enquire about sb./sth. [Br.]
s'informer de / sur qn./qc.
to faff about [Br.] [coll.] [pej.]
traînasser [péj.]
to fantasise (about sth.) [Br.]
fantasmer (sur qc.)
to fantasize (about sth.)
fantasmer (sur qc.)
to fart about [vulg.] [pej.] [waste one's time]
glander [fam.] [péj.] [s'occuper futilement]
to flap about
to flit about
voltiger [voler çà et là]
to fool about
faire le guignol

faire les fous [fam.]
to frolic (about)
to get about
se déplacer [personne]

se répandre [nouvelles]
to gossip (about)
jaser (sur) [médire]
to gripe (about sth.) [coll.]
se plaindre (de qc.)
to grope about
to grouse about sth.
épiloguer sur qc.
to grumble about sb./sth.
trouver à redire à qn./qc.
to grumble about sth.
maugréer contre qc.

pinailler sur qc. [fam.]
to haggle about sth.
chipoter qc. [fam.] [marchander]

chipoter sur qc. [fam.] [marchander]
to hang about [coll.]
glandouiller [fam.] [ne rien faire]
to hang about [idiom] [do nothing]
flâner [ne rien faire]
to horse about [coll.]
faire le guignol
to horse about [coll.] [fig.]
to inform sb. about sth.
avertir qn. de qc. [informer]
to inquire about sb./sth.
prendre des nouvelles de qn./qc.
to inquire about sb./sth. [Am.]
s'informer de / sur qn./qc.
to inquire about sth.
s'inquiéter de qc.
to instruct sb. about sth.
avertir qn. de qc. [informer]
to joke about sb./sth.
plaisanter sur qn./qc.
to jump about [Br.]
to knock about [coll.]
rouler sa bosse [fam.]
to knock sb. about
bousculer qn. [volontairement]
to know about sth.
être au courant de qc.
to lark about [fam.]
batifoler [fam.]
to laugh about sb./sth.
se rire de qn./qc.
to laze about

tirer sa flemme

coincer la bulle [fam.]

avoir les doigts de pied en éventail [fam.]
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  • He wrote two books about cartoonists, one about Georges Goursat (Sem) and the other about Carlègle (pseudonym of Charles Émile Egli).
  • De Ricci became a French citizen in 1901. He married Jenny Gabrielle Thérèse Dreyfus about 1902. She was born about 1886 and died about 1938.
  • Thomas Wellman and his wife Elizabeth had five children: Abraham (born about 1643-died about 1717), Isaac (born about 1647-died after 1724), Elizabeth (born about 1660-died 1740), Sarah (born about 1662), and Mary (born about 1664).

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  • When ripe, the four-angled fruit is yellow-green with red tones, about [...] long by [...] wide, and contains about 150 dark brown or black seeds, each about with a diameter of about [...].
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