Translation for 'authenticated' from English to French
VERB   to authenticate | authenticated | authenticated
authenticating | authenticates
SYNO attested | authenticated | documented
acte {m} authentique
authenticated deed
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Translation for 'authenticated' from English to French

authenticated deed
acte {m} authentiquedr.
Usage Examples English
  • ECACC, which was established in 1985, consists of a team with specialist knowledge which supply authenticated cell lines, induced Pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and nucleic acids to provide stock for the research community.
  • SSTP servers must be authenticated during the SSL/TLS phase.
  • This service also supports testing if a user is authenticated, returning the Agent identity that corresponds to the authenticated user.
  • There are three types of commonly used debit orders in South Africa: EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), NAEDO (Non-authenticated Early Debit Order) and AEDO (Authenticated Early Debit Order).
  • CCM requires two block cipher encryption operations on each block of an encrypted-and-authenticated message, and one encryption on each block of associated authenticated data.

  • The letter can use public-key cryptography to be authenticated.
  • Password-authenticated key agreement protocols require the separate establishment of a password (which may be smaller than a key) in a manner that is both private and integrity-assured.
  • This document includes a number of password-authenticated key agreement schemes, and a password-authenticated key retrieval scheme.
  • MQV (Menezes–Qu–Vanstone) is an authenticated protocol for key agreement based on the Diffie–Hellman scheme.
  • The main drawback of quantum-key distribution is that it usually relies on having an authenticated classical channel of communication.

  • The Competition for Authenticated Encryption: Security, Applicability, and Robustness (CAESAR) is a competition organized by a group of international cryptologic researchers to encourage the design of authenticated encryption schemes.
  • A captive portal that uses MAC addresses to track connected devices can sometimes be circumvented by re-using the MAC address of a previously authenticated device.
  • In the SSH protocol, most client software (though not all) will, upon connecting to a not-yet-trusted server, display the server's public key fingerprint, and prompt the user to verify they have indeed authenticated it using an authenticated channel.
  • The Password Authenticated Key Exchange by Juggling (or J-PAKE) is a password-authenticated key agreement protocol, proposed by Feng Hao and Peter Ryan.
  • Authenticated posters were numerous in DataLounge's early years, and some users became notable characters on the site; over time, however, site culture came to discourage authenticated posting as attention-seeking.

  • In addition to the application documents, prospective adopters are also required to submit the following certifying documentation: notarized medical certificate completed by a physician for each prospective adopter; notarized medical certificate of infertility if applicable to the prospective adoptive couple; a certificate of good conduct from a local or national law enforcement department, which needs to either be notarized or bear the department’s official seal; notarized and authenticated verification of employment and salary; two notarized and authenticated letters of reference; a certified home study prepared by a CCAA-licensed adoption agency; notarized and authenticated bank statements; notarized and authenticated power of attorney if only one spouse travels to China to finalize the adoption; family letter of intent to adopt; and copies of any forms required by the prospective adopters’ home countries.
  • , an unknown key-share (UKS) attack on an authenticated key agreement (AK) or authenticated key agreement with key confirmation (AKC) protocol is an attack whereby an entity [...] ends up believing she shares a key with [...] , and although this is in fact the case, [...] mistakenly believes the key is instead shared with an entity [...].
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