Translation for 'back and forth' from English to French
SYNO back and forth | backward and forward | to and fro
de long en large {adv}back and forth
en avant et en arrièreback and forth
4 Words
aller et venirto go back and forth
faire des aller-retoursto go back and forth
se balancer d'avant en arrièreto rock back and forth
Partial Matches
et caetera {adv} <etc., &/c., &c., &ca.>and so forth
[coupe dégagée derrière et sur les côtés] {noun}
short back and sides [haircut]
revenir intactto come back safe and sound [idiom]
revenir indemneto come back safe and sound [idiom]
en avant {adv}forth
exploser [fig.] [joie]to burst forth
pérorerto hold forth
se mettre en routeto set forth
se mettre en routeto go forth
discourir de / sur hold forth on sth.
à dater de ce jour {adv}from that day forth
Tu enfanteras dans la douleur.
In sorrow thou shalt bring forth children.
consécutif {adj}back-to-back
en arrière {adv} [regarder]back
envers {m} [papier, tableau]back
dos {m}
queue {f} [de train]
banquette {f} arrière
back seat
rebrousser chemin [loc.]to turn back
se retenirto hang back
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Usage Examples English
  • Incubating males rock back and forth and undulate their lateral skin folds, which circulates the water, increasing oxygen supply to both eggs and adult.
  • Although this speeds and eases inter-process communication because programs can communicate by simply passing a pointer back and forth, the lack of memory protection made the AmigaOS more vulnerable to crashes from badly behaving programs than other multitasking systems that did implement memory protection, and Amiga OS is fundamentally incapable of enforcing any form of security model since any program had full access to the system.
  • A person on a moving swing can increase the amplitude of the swing's oscillations without any external drive force (pushes) being applied, by changing the moment of inertia of the swing by rocking back and forth ("pumping") or alternately standing and squatting, in rhythm with the swing's oscillations.
  • Finally, the two percepts will alternate back and forth in terms of visual awareness.
  • This led to a series of "piggyback" protocols that built additional features onto FidoNet by passing information back and forth as file attachments.

  • If the dog goes unwillingly down the path, it must be walked back and forth up to nine times to ensure that Nasu has been driven off (Vd. ...
  • On March 31, 1935, after some back and forth, Hausdorff was finally given emeritus status. No words of thanks were given for his 40 years of successful work in the German higher education system.
  • He/She then goes back and forth between the parties and encourages them to "give" on the objectives one at a time, starting with the least important and working toward the most important for each party in turn.
  • Due to aircraft fatigue, scarcity of spare parts and replacement problems, the US Fifth Air Force and Royal Australian Air Force created a joint P-40 management and replacement pool on 30 July 1942 and many P-40s went back and forth between the air forces.
  • Raucous fans would often chant back and forth with them as the vendors called out.

  • In advanced radiosity simulation, recursive, finite-element algorithms 'bounce' light back and forth between surfaces in the model, until some recursion limit is reached.
  • Young's expedition was one of the largest and one of the best organized westward treks, and he made various trips back and forth between the Salt Lake Valley and Winter Quarters to assist other companies in their journeys.
  • It is often accompanied by nervous behavior such as pacing back and forth, somatic complaints, and rumination.
  • In a very back-and-forth contest, the Ravens pulled out a 38-35 victory in two overtimes.
  • Half-court games require less cardiovascular stamina, since players need not run back and forth a full court.

  • Nystagmus-damping surgery can also be performed, to reduce the "shaking" of the eyes back and forth.
  • The country's warm, humid climate has an annual mean temperature between [...]. The cycle of the seasons follows the apparent movement of the sun back and forth across the equator.
  • In 2004, the fifth US season introduced twins who were tasked with secretly switching back and forth in the house; they were allowed to play the game as individual house guests after succeeding at the deception for four weeks.
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